TTM Return From Patriot Don Hasselbeck

A Patriot for the first six seasons of his career (1977-1983), Don Hasselbeck is also the father of former NFL quarterbacks Matt and Tim Hasselbeck.Didn’t know that till I started writing this post.1980 Topps #3111981 Topps #15913 days from his home in…

1996 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice: Pack #33: In Which I Return from Barcelona

This past weekend I had a training conference in Barcelona, Spain.  That, coupled with all the work I had to make up with student meetings, etc. when I returned should help to explain my absence on the blogs over the past several days.  I do …

The Last of the Team Photos

I’ve got the last of the team cards.I thought the 1970 card would be difficult because I’ve never seen a copy of the original picture that included a listing of the players..  When Googling “1969 Cubs team photo” all that comes up is the floating …

Ed Gustafson, Been Around – 6

Originally published Jan. 21, 2015The first thing Texas Tech head coach Dan Spencer thought of about his new assistant Ed Gustafson, according to The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal in 2008 was that Gustafson could evaluate talent and do it well.”The thing t…

How to Maximize Ad Revenue on Your Blog
I promise you. This is eventually a baseball post. It just requires a slight diversion first. 

I have some ads on my blog. Hopefully there aren’t so many that they’re distracting or annoying. (If they are, let me know.) But they’re there in case they interest you. It’s just a little way for me to try and see if I can get this blog to be self-sufficient and see if that will allow me to do more fun things.

So, like most people, when I added the ads I did a little bit of research into how to make the ads as effective as they can be. Naturally, this being the internet, there are plenty of people out there giving you tips and tricks on how to get people to view your blog so they will view your ads. Some ideas?

You can use pictures. Pictures attract people’s attention. If they see a picture in a thumbnail, they might be more likely to click to your blog looking for more. Pictures also show up in image searches, which gives you yet another way for people to stumble upon your blog.

Linking to other posts in your blog is another great tip. If someone is reading a post including a recent interview with Miss Bay State, it stands to reason that they’d be interested in an interview with Miss Cambridge. Or even Miss Vermont. So, adding links to capitalize on those thoughts brings along even more hits for your site.

There are timing ideas. Posting in the morning allows your fresh post to show up all day. But, posting in the evening has it show up when people are apt to be home from work. 

Social media helps. Posting a link to you blog on its Facebook page, or especially your personal Facebook page gets more exposure for your post. Tweeting a link on Twitter. Including a photo with a link on Instagram. Snapping a picture of your post. Pinning the post to Pinterest. All those places offer ways to get more people’s eyes on your posts. The more eyes are on it, the more likely there is engagement. 

You can write clever titles to hopefully pique someone’s interest? “How to maximize revenue” is probably better than “My views on MLB.” 

I’m sure there are even more. But, all these tips seem to ignore the best way to increase revenue. Write lots of quality posts. If you do that, people will seek you out. They’ll tell their friends about you. Sure, you can tweet a link to your 1000 followers. But, what if 100 people loved your post so much they tweeted it to their 100 followers to say how awesome the post was? Or 100 people tweeting to 1000 followers? Those are numbers that are much harder to reach on your own. 

So, why do people talk about all the other tips? They’re much easier. You don’t need any talent to tweet out a link 1000 times. It takes a different talent to write a catchy headline than it does to write a 5000 word post that people want to read. It doesn’t matter what you post if you’re just posting it when people happen to be online reading any post they find. It’s a whole different skill set.

Which is why it always bothers me when MLB does it. 

(See? Told you I’d tie it in.)

I’m assuming that MLB has some pretty smart people working for it. They know how television and entertainment is supposed to work. But, they still keep taking the easy way out. When should we hold World Series Games? How about at night when people are flipping channels anyway. Certainly not at a time when kids can see them. We don’t want to build our brand. We want to have people fall into us by mistake. We don’t want to be Seinfeld. We want to be the show after it that people watch just because.

It happened again with the intentional walk. They wanted to pretend that the game was improving. Look! We made a change to cut down on game times. Come watch us! You know what else would cut down on game times? Dropping an ad or two from the between inning break. Instead of cutting 20 seconds a game, it would be more like ten minutes. That’s significant.

But, it wouldn’t be easy. Because it would seem to cut down on revenue. Fewer ads equal fewer dollars.

But, they’re not looking at the long term. Fewer ads mean shorter games. Shorter games mean more viewers. More viewers mean more viewers tweeting that they’re watching games. That leads to even more people watching the games. That means you can increase the ad prices for the ads you have left. 


You’ve now compensated for the loss in revenue from dropping one ad per inning break. And, you’ve increased your viewership. And, it’s not just viewers tricked into watching. They’re viewers who want to watch. Who want to watch again. They’re viewers who will follow you anywhere.

They’ll watch a daytime World Series game with their kids. They’ll buy your merchandise. They’ll spread your word.

You can’t do all that by following the “top ten ways to get more blog hits” lessons. You can only do it by “producing quality content.” I know it’s harder. I’m not even saying that I’m capable of doing it myself.

But you’d think MLB could.
Highlights From The Garbage Pail

I’m still buying Garbage Pail Kids, alternating between the 2017 Adam-geddon set and the 2016 Prime Slime set and here are two notable cards I recently pulled.First I pulled my first recent Garbage Pail Kids card that actually uses my name, Matt Ress. …

#DACWPulls – Harry Kane Black Prizm Auto 1/1

Check out this sick hit that a customer of ours recently shared with us! Hey guys, first off, thank you for the speedy service by getting my case of 2016 Panini Prizm UEFA Euro 16 out to me so fast…I usually don’t share my hits other than when I post them to eBay, but I […]

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Buyback Franken-set: A Hand-Picked Quartet

I’ve driven hundreds of miles the past couple of days for work, and have a 16-hour stress-filled day today, so this will be brief.  Just a quick quartet of buybacks that I picked up a few weeks back on eBay…1967 Topps #375 – Jake GibbsI don’t kn…

TTM Return From Rich Hand

After my post last month about completing the 1974 Topps Angels Team set, I send out a handful of cards for autographs. This is one that just came back.1974 Topps #571Returned in 35 days from his home in Argyle, Texas.

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A Few More Team Photos

I’ve got three more Cubs team cards with the players identified.The 1966 team card broke a string of three straight cards using the 1960 team picture.  But Topps wasn’t ready to get completely up-to-date.The card used the 1964 team photo.  I …

Weekend Autograph Opportunities: A Couple Kings on Friday

Here are this weekends autograph opportunities and events throughout the Southland. As always, be sure to check the Blue Heaven Calendar for other events (a link can always be found on the tab at the top of this page, just left of center), and alway…

Jeffry Bonner, Long Haul – 5

Originally published Jan. 20, 2015Jeffry Bonner hit well in this July 1989 game for Clinton, but he couldn’t seem to push any runs across.But he wasn’t alone in his frustration. It seemed like nobody else could, either. That’s because this game between…

Intentionally Stupid
So, Major League Baseball came out with a rule change yesterday. Instead of making a pitcher throw four balls during an intentional walk, the manager will simply signal the umpire to have the batter take his base.

Honestly? The idea doesn’t really bother me. There’s probably no good reason to make a pitcher actually go through the motions of throwing four balls high and away. I’m not sure it will affect the game beyond the “That’s the way it’s always been” argument. That’s always a terrible argument, so I feel OK ignoring it.

There are some complaints about it floating around. And, they do have some merit. Some people point out the times that a player has swung at an intentional walk pitch. Or, the times a pitcher has thrown a wild intentional walk pitch. Or, when a team has faked an intentional walk in order to strike a batter out. If the intentional walk becomes automatic, those plays will never happen again.

That’s absolutely true.

Problem is, they never really happened before. Not that often, at least. I saw a list online (so it must be true) saying that around a dozen times in baseball history a player has gotten a hit off an intentional walk. (I swear Mike Greenwell knocked a double off the Wall on an attempted intentional walk…but that wasn’t on the list.) Whether they had a comprehensive list or not, that seems about right. It’s not like it happens even once a year. And the fake intentional walk? I can think of two. Johnny Bench in the World Series, and Jimy Williams trying it against Chipper Jones. Now, it’s possible there were more that we can’t research because it just goes in the books as a strikeout (or in the case of Jones, an attempted strikeout. He wasn’t fooled.) But, the facts are, it’s not a lot. Again, way less than once a year.

Now, a pitcher throwing a wild pitch? That probably happens more often. But, I guess I’m OK with that. I fall back to wanting the better team to win. And, yes you could say that the better team is the one that doesn’t throw a ball to the backstop. But, that just seems more like “chance” to me. It’s not like you draft a guy knowing he “makes good intentional walk pitches” or a team should know not to have a guy try to intentionally walk someone. So, I feel that it’s different than, say, fumbling a ball in the super bowl. The Patriots made a play to cause a fumble. Conversely, if they lost the game by fumbling a kick, after having trouble with that all year, that’s something they should have coached. If, however, Brady just takes his three step drop, and just drops the ball untouched for who knows why…that’s a whole different thing. Isn’t it?

Which is a long way of saying that I don’t like fluke plays deciding games. So, if the only reason to keep the four pitch intentional walk is because once a year the ball might slip out of a pitcher’s hand, I say get rid of it.

My problem with the change? The reason they gave behind it. Pace of play. Seriously? Of all the changes they could have made, they make a fundamental change to the rules in order to save, on average, 20 seconds a game? We’re still going to allow managers to visit the mound just to stall in order to give their reliever time to warm up, but we’re changing a rule to remove a walk. Managers still stand at the top step of the dugout waiting for a review before challenging a play. But, to save time we’re changing the walk. We still have a million ads being shown between each half inning. But, instead MLB changes a long-time rule.

That’s the part that bothers me.

Sure, twenty seconds are twenty seconds. And it’s an easy twenty seconds to cut. But, there are other ways to trim the game that don’t affect core rules. Even core rules that don’t amount to anything. That’s the part that bothers me. Go ahead and do it. Don’t do it for a stupid reason.

Especially to speed up games.
Players being interviewed on cards

Pretty much every baseball game I’ve every watched on TV features either pre-game interviews or post-game interviews with players. Sometimes, both. There should be more baseball cards featuring interviews. I have 20 cards featuring players being interv…

Twitter Trade

I was messaged on Twitter last week by @cubsfan_4 regarding a Goldschmidt card. He mentioned that P-Town Tom told him I would be interested. Thanks Tom!We worked out a quick trade and the Goldschmidt and a nice little lot of other D-Backs cards ar…

Who Is In the Team Photo?

I’ve spent alot of time recently identifying all of the players in the Cubs floating heads team cards.  Could I do the same with the standard team cards?Mostly,Topps made it pretty easy the first few years.  When team cards showed up for the …