Grand Prix Louisville Recap

Dave & Adam’s has just returned from Grand Prix Louisville, where we were widely regarded as having the best prices in the room, and were often the 1st stop for people looking for high end cards to pimp out their Legacy or Vintage decks! We started the show off with more BGS 10 PRISTINE Power 9 […]

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Danny Deville, Like That – 6

Originally published Oct. 11, 2015Danny Deville had early success as a reliever with short-season Spokane in 1989 and his teammates took notice.After a mid-July game where Deville lowered his ERA to 0.55, teammate Rico Coleman praised the right-hander …

Ivan Rodriguez – 2017 Hall of Fame Class

I have 218 Ivan Rodriguez cards in my collection. Here’s a selection of his cards that I own, one for each year of his career.

1991 Upper Deck Final Edition #55

1992 Topps #78

1993 Score Gold Dream Team #6

1994 Fleer All-Stars #22

1995 Leaf Great Gloves #16

1996 Ultra Prime Leather Gold #5

1997 Stadium Club #200

1998 Leaf State Representatives #21

1999 Crown Royal #140

2000 Upper Deck HoloGrFx #9

2001 Upper Deck UD’s Most Wanted #3

2002 Fleer Tradition This Day In History #30

2003 Topps 205 #10

2004 Upper Deck Power Up #39

2005 Topps Cracker Jack Take Me Out To The Ball Game

2006 Upper Deck 2006 World Baseball Classic #44

2007 Upper Deck Goudey Memorabilia #7

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter #78

2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #80

Probably the first time in history that 2 players associated with the Astros were elected to the Hall of Fame at the same time.

2010 Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out #48

2011 Topps Heritage #262

Vintage & Shiny – Cards from Kin

Today’s post features a nice batch of cards that I received last week from Kin Kinsley, who writes over at the relatively new blog I Feel Like a Collector Again.  Though he started that blog only a month or so ago, Kin has really immersed himself …

1989 Spokane Indians at the Mall – Bobby Sheridan

Here’s the 1989 cards of Bobby Sheridan. He pitched in a total of five minor league games, yet had four baseball cards released according to Trading Card Database. How very late 80s. Also how very late 80’s – ALF. Here he is advertising some kind of ch…

Johnnys Trading Spot Trade Mail

I received a nice PWE from John containing a bunch of, what else, Angels cards.2004 Donruss Team Heroes #441Sometimes you can forget who played for your team.I saw this Bartolo Colon card and thought, “Oh yeah, forgot he played for them”.And if I recal…

1996 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice: Pack #12: In Which I Pull Card #1 in the Set!

Today’s pack is number 12 in the box…which means we have officially hit the one-third mark.  Don’t you miss boxes that crammed 36 packs in them (and with 10 cards per pack to boot)?  I know I do.  Simply holding the box makes me feel l…

Do you think cards will ever come in cereal again?

Yesterday I went to a card show and a card shop. I bought 936 cards. 792 of them came in the form of a 1991 Topps factory set.Here are 26 more.I know you can’t see all 26, but there are 13 packs of 2002 Topps Post cards and each pack has two cards. Any…

Colton Murray on baseball cards

Colton Murray was drafted by the Phillies in 2011 and has quickly moved his way through their system. He has pitched in the major leagues in 2015 and 2016, going 1-2 with a 6.18 ERA in 32 appearances. He kindly answered my questions about baseball card…

Card Of The Week January 22

I’ve been trying to follow the Australian Baseball League this winter and I’ve been listening to the Strike Zone Australia podcast lately.  It’s a weekly podcast with player and coach interviews and a wrap up of each week’s action.  A couple …

2016-17 Upper Deck Hockey Series 1 – Retail Pack

The best thing about Upper Deck’s yearly flagship release is that we as collectors know what’s coming.  We will get a simple design, great photography and Young Guns.  It’s refreshing that while the hobby is all about hits, there is still a d…

Reggie Farmer, Another Calling – 8

Originally published Oct. 18, 2015Reggie Farmer played both football and baseball at UNLV. In February 1984, he told the UNLV Rebel Yell the sport he preferred: football.”It will all come down to where I can play and how much money (is offered),” Farme…

Ken McMullen (#47)

Here’s a very intense-looking Ken McMullen. Ken was the Senators’ 3rd baseman for the 2nd half of the 1960s, after coming over from the Dodgers in the Frank Howard trade after the 1964 season.

McMullen was signed by the Dodgers in 1960, and made his major-league debut in September 1962.

Ken began the 1963 season as the team’s starting 3rd baseman, but it was back to the minors for most of May and June. Recalled in late-June, he regained the starting job for the month of July and again in late September. While he was out of the lineup, the Dodgers used a mix of Maury Wills, Jim Gilliam, and (surprisingly) Tommy Davis at 3rd base.

Ken spent most of the 1964 season back in the minors, while Gilliam alternated with a batch of scrubs (Dick Tracewski, John Werhas, and Derrell Griffith) at 3rd base. (McMullen couldn’t beat out THOSE guys???)

After the 1964 season LA traded Ken, outfielder Frank Howard, pitchers Phil Ortega and Pete Richert, and 1st baseman Dick Nen to the Senators for pitcher Claude Osteen and infielder John Kennedy. (Oh c’mon, Osteen couldn’t possibly have been worth all of that!)

McMullen settled in as the Nats’ regular 3rd baseman and secondary power hitter (behind Howard) until he was dealt to the Angels in late-April 1970 for 3rd baseman Aurelio Rodriguez and outfielder Rick Reichardt.

Ken was the Angels’ 3rd baseman from 1970-72, then was involved in another big trade with the Dodgers after the ’72 season. He and pitcher Andy Messersmith went to LA in exchange for outfielder Frank Robinson, infielders Bobby Valentine and Billy Grabarkiewitz, and pitchers Bill Singer and Mike Strahler.

McMullen had returned to his original team, but as in his last stint, he was a part-time player. Oh, he started the first 5 games of 1973 at the hot corner, but then a rookie named Ron Cey took over for the next 10 years. Ken only played 125 games over the next 3 seasons with the Dodgers, almost all as a pinch-hitter.

Released in March 1976, he was a part-time player for the Athletics in ’76 and the Brewers in ’77.

1991 ProSet Yo! MTV Raps MusiCards

I have long wanted to post something on APTBNL, but I don’t buy a ton of packs, and by the time I get around to buying repack boxes and find something cool, someone else usually has posted it ahead of me.  But not today!  Today (courtesy of a…

What’s better than a dime box?

One of my local card shops has a case that has cards for 7 cents each. 3 cents less than the dime box. There are a lot of cards to sort through, but I was able to find some good stuff.I have a hard time passing up cheap cards of my all-time favorite pl…

Revised List of 36: The Best Players I’ve Seen Play in Person
With the Hall of Fame results announced last week, it’s time to once again update my list. The Hall of Fame results are usually less of an update than other awards. Chances are if they’re good enough to be in the Hall of Fame, they’re already on the list. But, last year Mike Piazza was able to make the jump. So there’s always a chance.

It didn’t happen this year, though.

I’ve never seen Tim Raines play live. So, he doesn’t make the list. I have seen Ivan Rodriguez play, but he was already on the list. All that happened was changing his credentials from “MVP” to “HOF”. No big deal there.

Jeff Bagwell brings up a dilemma I’ve been tossing around for a while. I never saw Bagwell play in an actual game. But, I did see him play in the 1999 All Star game. I haven’t been including players i say play in that game in this list up til now. When I started, I went with the theory that I didn’t see the “real” player if it was just an exhibition game. I’m starting to wonder about that decision. If I started adding them to the list, it would include a few more Hall of Famers that aren’t on there now. I can’t decide. What do you think?

For now, I’m leaving them off. So, I present the barely updated list of the 36 best players I’ve seen play in person.

1. Roberto Alomar (HOF)
2. Wade Boggs (HOF)
3. Barry Bonds (MVP)
4. Ryan Braun (ROY, MVP)
5. Miguel Cabrera (MVP, triple crown)
6. Jose Canseco (ROY, MVP)
7. Roger Clemens (MVP, CYA)
8. Josh Donaldson (MVP)
9. Dennis Eckersley (HOF)
10. Jason Giambi (MVP)
11. Tom Glavine (HOF)
12. Juan Gonzalez (MVP)
13. Ken Griffey Jr (All-Century Team)
14. Vladimir Guerrero (MVP)
15. Josh Hamilton (MVP)
16. Bryce Harper (ROY, MVP)
17. Rickey Henderson (HOF)
18. Matt Holliday (MVP)
19. Randy Johnson (HOF)
20. Chipper Jones (MVP)
21. Greg Maddux (HOF)
22. Pedro Martinez (HOF)
23. Andrew McCutchen (MVP)
24. Justin Morneau (MVP)
25. Dustin Pedroia (ROY, MVP)
26. Mike Piazza (HOF)
27. Kirby Puckett (HOF)
28. Albert Pujols (MVP)
29. Jim Rice (HOF)
30. Cal Ripken (HOF)
30. Alex Rodriguez (MVP)
31. Ivan Rodriguez (HOF)
32. John Smoltz (HOF)
33. Ichiro Suzuki (ROY, MVP)
34. Frank Thomas (HOF)
35. Mike Trout (MVP)
36. Mo Vaughn (MVP)

There’s my list. Who’s on your list?
Barry Larkin Collection 500: 2004 Skybox Autographics – #BL/KM – Prospects Endorsed Dual Relic (#/500)

Barry Larkin & Kaz MatsuiYear:  2004Brand:  Skybox AutographicsInsert set:  Prospects Endorsed Dual RelicCard number:  PEJ-BL/KM (#448/500)I bought this card off of eBay last summer but I decided to hold on to it in terms of sho…

Five Random Cubs Cards

I’ve got 14,628 Cubs cards from 120 different brands listed on a spreadsheet. A random number generator picked five cards, one each from the past several decades. 1900s – 1970s: 1975 Topps #363 Carmen Fanzone  This card gives a nice look at on…

Cards from SpastikMooss

SpastikMooss and I have a nice setup going where I send him a big box of cards that I don’t need (i.e. non-baseball, non-sports, etc) that he can sell on COMC, and in return he sends me a few cards that I ask for from that site. Hopefully what I send h…

New Releases For The New Year

There was a couple weeks where I was starting to wonder what was going on – there didn’t seem to have been any announcements being made about any 2017 releases.  Then about a week or so, BBM made an announcement about their annual Retirement set a…