2015 Panini Immaculate Baseball – The Dodger Base Cards

Panini's high-end Immaculate Baseball set came out last week, and it's filled with a bunch of Dodger autograph and memorabilia cards.  Go here for a complete checklist.  As you likely now, the set is unlicensed by MLB, so team logos are nowhere to be found.  A box cost about $200 and consist of only one pack of six cards.  You are guaranteed that five of those cards are either have an autograph, memorabilia piece or both.

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1995 Donruss Bomb Squad

Donruss Bomb Squad was a 6-card insert into 1995 Donruss. Back in those days, some of the card manufacturers used to randomly place "hot packs". These would be individual packs that had something special in them. I don't remember if the card companies advertised this practice or if I learned about it from Beckett Magazine.
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#PackADailyCircus Packs 193-194 – Wax packs and PAD News

Hello, everyone! Thanks for dropping by to see what we've got today in the world of the PAD Circus.

First up: Normally, we run pack opening through the end of the regular baseball season. This season, we have SO MANY packs, many donated by you players and readers, that I see the PAD Circus running through playoffs - heck maybe even to the World Series. Basically, I'm not going to quit busting packs until they are all busted. But, if it turns out we have a supply that lasts to the World Series, I will probably bust open everything in a "last draft effort" before the series.

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Wallet Card at Carnegie Hall

Back when I pulled a 1970 Topps Al Ferrara Story card/comic from one of my street boxes last month, it mentioned that Ferrara had played piano at Carnegie Hall as a teenager. Recently I brought Wallet Card over to Carnegie Hall to take a picture. The venue has been on of the most prominent classical and popular musical halls since it's opening concert conducted by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1891.
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