1978 Papa Gino’s Discs – Thanks, Mark!

Thanks to Mark A, here is some background info on the Papa Gino’s discs we handed out on here not long ago:That certainly explains why our stack of cards was so Red Sox heavy!Thanks for the head’s up, Mark!

PAD Circus – 036 – Bo Knows Yankees… And a couple 1978ish Discs

Hello, everyone!  As I mentioned, the big box of packs is taunting me, so I am ripping multiple packs of cards for a while. This time, I have two 1978ish discs and a slew of those 1979 Burger King Yankees. Sorry for most of us, but this post is ma…

Pat Kelly, Gamer Attitude – 8

Originally published Nov. 24, 2014

Pat Kelly needed to get to third in this May 1990 game and he got there with an athletic move around a tag, The Sumter Item wrote. He soon scored the winning run.

Afterward, Kelly’s move to get to third drew praise from his manager, Ned Yost, according to The Item.

“Pat Kelly has that bulldog gamer attitude,” Yost told The Item. “He’s a winner and he’s always going to do what it takes to win.”

Kelly made that move in his second season as a pro. He went on to play in seven professional seasons, but he could never make the move to the majors.

Kelly’s career began in 1989, signed by the Braves as an undrafted free agent out of Missouri State. He played his high school ball in Waukegan, Ill.

Kelly started with the Braves at rookie Pulaski. He hit .331 in 50 games there. He then moved to single-A Sumter for 1990, hitting .222, with 23 stolen bases.

He was praised for his defense in the season opener, with a diving stop. Kelly then picked up three hits in a May 1990 win for Sumter. He picked up another three hits in a July game.

That May, Kelly and teammate Gene Martin received notice from his hitting coach Ralph Rowe, according to The Item.

“Kelly was a backup infielder and Martin was the fifth outfielder when they came here,” Rowe told The Item, “but they both keep getting better every day.”

Kelly moved to high-A Durham and AA Greenville for 1991. He hit .271 between them. He then played 1992 largely at Greenville. He also got six games at AAA Richmond.

Kelly made Richmond exclusively in 1994. In 75 games there, he hit .270. He started 1995 back at Richmond but moved to the Blue Jays system part way into the year.

He played with the Blue Jays at AA Knoxville and AAA Syracuse. In 88 games in all that year, he hit just .207. It was his final season as a pro.

Kelly has since returned to the Chicago area. In 2014, he served as a security guard and lunch monitor at Libertyville High School. He spoke to the school’s student publication Drops of Ink in October 2014 and he recounted life in the minor leagues.

“It was like being in a bubble. You don’t think about a lot of things besides baseball… When you are playing baseball every day and fans are coming out to watch you, you kind of lose touch with the real world,” Kelly told the publication. “I enjoyed it though because I felt like I was always getting better the more I practiced and played.”

2004 Pacific Hockey

One team has punched their ticket to the final round. Congrats San Jose. One more game left for the other conference. And Random selected 2004 Pacific Hockey.Pulled this from a hockey repack box I picked up at Target. This was released the year after t…

Something completely different – Donate to or trade towards the Hunger Walk I’m doing

So this Memorial Day, my wife decided we should do something a little different.  Rather than just grill it up and drink a lot of beers, she wanted to give back to our community by doing a Hunger Walk here in Cincinnati.  They do it ever…

2000 Fleer Tradition Box: Packs 5 & 6 – A Boy Named Cleatus.

It’s been a day or so since I visited my box of 2000 Fleer Tradition.  I’m anxious to rip the full box and see how small I can make my want list for the set.  Of course, the only way for me to know for sure will be to rip the box.  Let’s…

DACW FNM Recap – Now With Pauper!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the FNM recap.  This week we have two new lists for you. First off is my own list from this past weekend, Green/Red Goggles Ramp:   4x Jaddi Offshoot 3x World Breaker 1x Dragonlord Atarka 4x Nissa’s Pilgrimage 3x Tormenting Voice 3x Magmatic Insight 2x Hedron Archive 4x Kozilek’s […]

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Brock Holt Should Get His Number Back
Sometimes it’s hard to be the better person. Sometimes it just drains on you.

I get the feeling it drained on Robert Kraft. He tried to be the better person. He tried to play nice. He tried to take the high road. Then he got pushed off the bridge. The lesser person just kept taking shot after shot at him until finally he had to push back at least a little bit. That’s why he filed the brief yesterday. It was his way of making a point but still keeping the high road. Even though I bet it’s tough for him.

Just like I hope it’s tough for John Henry. Putting on the planned ceremony tonight should be really hard for him.

Because, let me see if I’ve got this straight.

Wade Boggs wanted his number retired. He whined about it every chance he got. He didn’t care that there were team rules about retiring numbers, and he didn’t meet the qualifications. Sure, he played the years. And, the Hall of Fame forced him to wear a Red Sox cap on his plaque when he didn’t want to. But, he didn’t retire with the Sox, so he didn’t meet the requirements. Wade Boggs felt the rules didn’t apply to Wade Boggs. So he threw a hissy fit. Oh, sure the Sox have broken their own rules. A lot. But, it’s one thing for the Sox to decide that Pedro is so special the rules don’t apply to him. It’s another for Wade Boggs himself to kick and scream and insist the rules shouldn’t apply to him. 

For whatever reason, it worked. Like a three year old throwing a tantrum, Boggs kept at it until he got his way. The Sox decided it wasn’t worth it to fight. Or, more likely, they decided that they could use an excuse to sell a few more tickets to a Thursday game in May. They gave in. They were the better person.

To prove it, they went an extra step. Why not make it a two day thing and celebrate the 30th anniversary of Boggs’s AL Champion Red Sox team. Have a little ceremony. It’ll be fun.

So, what does Boggs do at the ceremony celebrating a Red Sox team that lost the World Series? He wears his World Championship ring he won with another team. A ring he won with the Yankees. 

What a slap in the face.

He finally gets his way, and he goes and rubs their noses in it.

So, I hope John Henry wants to cancel the ceremony tonight. I hope he wants to rip #26 off the wall in put it back on Brock Holt’s back. I hope he wants to remove Boggs from the Red Sox Hall of Fame. He won’t, of course. But, I hope he wants to.

I also hope that to make up for it, everyone in the park boos him mercilessly when he’s introduced. It’s what should happen. He’s getting an honor he didn’t deserve, but wanted. Then he acts like a dink about it. So boo him. Boo him all night.

I’m sure it won’t happen.

But I hope at least everyone wants to.
2016 Topps Pro Debut – All the Dodgers Insert Cards

Following up on pics of all the Dodgers base cards found in packs of Topps 2016 Pro Debut set, here is a look at the insert cards.  Unfortunately, there are no Dodgers autograph cards available in this set.Pennant Patches#PP-GH Grant Holmes &…


Well, I made it through my sister’s wedding but my computer did not. Apparently the hard drive died and took a lot of my data with it. Needless to say, I am pretty frustrated right now. I am using a borrowed computer and will be trying to get things ro…

THIS is What An Autograph Should Look Like

Today I have the anti-Sammy.Billy Williams is everything that Sammy Sosa isn’t.  Talented, but unassuming….let his game do his talking….a Hall of Famer.And Billy knows how to sign an autograph. These are the olderst items in my collection…

PAD Circus – 035 – Triple Triple Play

Hello, everyone! This big ol’ box of cards is staring at me and I don’t feel like I can add more to it until I knock a bunch more packs out. So, I am starting with three Triple Play 2013 packs. I know, not a huge start, but this weekend, we will see HU…

Surprise Freebies…

I love using Zistle for trading. I don’t use it nearly enough. However, I’ve been able to add a few friends where it becomes a routine trade every six weeks or so. Especially if we can keep it to under a dozen cards and go the ever popular PWE route. A…

Five Cool Things From a Dirty-Ass Binder #5

The road has been long, friends, but at last we arrive at the destination: The fifth cool thing from a dirty-ass binder.

1994 Topps Black Gold Full Groups C & D

It’s awfully nice to get half of the full set like this. As someone who buys almost all of his comics used and cheap, I’m used to having a few holes in my collections. From a binder so dirty and so assy, I pretty much expected these cards to be scattershot within the set, yet I was pleasantly surprised when they turned out to be cards #23-44, plus all of the C & D winners. It’s a stellar collection of guys (although the inclusion of Robby Thompson leaves me a bit mystified), and it’s extra exciting for me because by 1994, I was done buying Topps.

Upon examination, the C/D Winner card is the badass of the bunch, with recent sale prices surprisingly high.

To conclude this feature, an inscription to inspire future generations of collectors:
“Give me your yellowed pages, your dirty-ass binders,
Your junk wax treasures yearning to breathe free…”

The Great Reorganization: Step 16: To Collect or Not (1994 Edition)

I’m making some serious progress lately in terms of completely overhauling my collection.  Oh sure, this process started over two years ago (back before I moved) but it’s entering the final stretch as I am now going year-by-year and deciding which…

Cincinnati Autos and Ze Russians

I grabbed a few autos on COMC after picking up those patches.  The two most interesting to me, mainly for the price differential, were this Johnny Cueto /35 and Raisel Iglesias RC auto:Now, granted, Cueto is a Giant now and Iglesias’ card is …