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Trade with The Angels, In Order

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Tom over at The Angels, In Order requesting access to my 1990’s Phillies Google docs spreadsheet. The result? 23 Phillies cards for me, and, for Tom, some cards off his want list.  Here are the highlights …

Random Cards from My Collection #82

Card #5,407: 2003 Upper Deck #1 John LackeyLucky was the Angels #2 draft pick in 1999 and made his debut in 2002. He was 9-4 with a 3.66 ERA.Card #8,698: 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game Retrospection #9 Steve CarltonCard #9,032: 1992 Topps Kids #200 Lenn…

1994 – Roberto and Sandy Alomar

It doesn’t happen often but I love it when I find a pair of cards like this.1994 Fleer #3371994 Topps #675These two cards have to be off the same play don’t they. The only real clue is from the stands in the background but I think the angles are suffic…

2017 Topps Heritage – The Inserts

Yesterday I posted the cards I got from the single pack I’d bought. Altogether, I ended up with 132 cards. Of those, 124 were base cards. Quite unusual in my opinion. Many of the inserts are relics, autographs, coins or other esoterica, which I certain…

Repack Bang or Bust? Part 2

let’s get back to that repack I opened last week.2012 Topps Opening DayOnly one of two packs from the 21st century and a bust. At least I pulled a serial numbered blue parallel.1991 BowmanIn one sense, this pack was a bang. I ‘needed’ every card in the…

Repack – Bang or Bust? Part 1

Last week I teased a repack break. The box had 15 packs containing 212 cards total.  Was the break a bang or bust?As I’ve said before, any card I don’t have is a card I need. So I’ll be sort of happy if the box yields a lot of cards I don’t have. …

Players being interviewed on cards

Pretty much every baseball game I’ve every watched on TV features either pre-game interviews or post-game interviews with players. Sometimes, both. There should be more baseball cards featuring interviews. I have 20 cards featuring players being interv…

Random Cards from My Collection #81

I haven’t done this for awhile. Since I’m a giant nerd I use a random number generator in an Excel spreadsheet to generate cards for a post like this.Card #7,217: 1996 Collector’s Choice Silver #24 Matt LawtonThe Silver parallel had a facsimile signatu…

2016 Topps Gypsy Queen Discounted Blaster

While out looking for 2017 Topps I came across a discounted blaster of 2016 Topps Gypsy Queen. I’m not in love with this set and only bought a few packs last year but the blaster was only $11.98 and promised “1 Exclusive Short-Printed Mini Base Card Parallel Inside!”

It turns out that I’d pulled one of purple minis these from one of the 3 packs I bought last summer but this still goes in the reference books since it’s the retired players subset.

I also pulled this from the box, a foil-backed mini I didn’t know existed. Apparently these are only available in blasters. It’s a 50-card set, numbered 301-350. As usual with this kind of card, I’m happy I have it but who was asking for foil-backed Gypsy Queen minis?

I’m always happy to pull a relic card from a blaster.

And another card for the reference book is this insert I didn’t have.
Many baseball cards have a few sentences on the back highlighting something about the player. I guess these little paragraphs are probably difficult to write, not because it’s hard to think of something to say about a player but because there is so much that could be said. Sometimes these read like they were plucked from a bucket of random stats for each player but a few of these Gypsy Queen backs stood out for me.
So Familia was pitching a save while his wife was giving birth. His bad luck, I guess, that he couldn’t be there with her. But what is that opening line “His wife Bianca didn’t need labor induced” supposed to mean? His Wikipedia page wasn’t much help beyond saying she was his fiancée at the time and that he was arrested last October on domestic violence charges. 

Here’s another one.

Why exactly is it strange that Turner hit .323, .322 and .322 in his first three professional seasons? And where is the twist? There were no clues on his Wikipedia page.
9 Years and Counting

As usual, I missed the anniversary of my first blog post because I always think it was late in February when actually it was February 2, 2008. This will be my 1,669th post, that’s 185 a year on average. Not as many as some but enough. These days I get …

My 100,000th Card

The 2016 Topps Update Megabox yielded the 100,000 card in my collection. I had expected to pass this milestone with the 2017 Topps blaster I bought but there were too may duplicates in the box. With any farther ado, here it is.Betts had a pretty good 2…

2016 Topps Update Chrome

While looking for 2017 Topps at Target I found a “Megabox” of 2016 Topps Update. I didn’t really need any more of that product but there were 2 packs of Topps Update Chrome in the box, which I hadn’t seen.By the way, my dictionary defines “mega” as an …

2017 Topps Series 1 – First Look

I drew a blank at 2 Targets, but was able to find a rack pack and a hanger box at Walmart. The cards are a bit cheaper this year. I paid about 19 cents/card last year, these were 15 cents/card.Here are the cards as they came out of the rack pace. There…

January 2017 Books Read

Only 4 books read this month. I either have to stop obsessing about the number of books I read (probably a good idea) or read shorter books.This was a birthday gift from my wife. I’ve been a Springsteen fan for about as long as you could be a  Spr…

2003 Topps 205

I posted some of this set before. I believe the Topps 205 set to be one of the better issues of the past 20 years or so. We’ve had lots of early tobacco card issues, but 2003 Topps 205 remains one of the best. Way better then any issue of Topps Gypsy Q…

Ivan Rodriguez – 2017 Hall of Fame Class

I have 218 Ivan Rodriguez cards in my collection. Here’s a selection of his cards that I own, one for each year of his career.

1991 Upper Deck Final Edition #55

1992 Topps #78

1993 Score Gold Dream Team #6

1994 Fleer All-Stars #22

1995 Leaf Great Gloves #16

1996 Ultra Prime Leather Gold #5

1997 Stadium Club #200

1998 Leaf State Representatives #21

1999 Crown Royal #140

2000 Upper Deck HoloGrFx #9

2001 Upper Deck UD’s Most Wanted #3

2002 Fleer Tradition This Day In History #30

2003 Topps 205 #10

2004 Upper Deck Power Up #39

2005 Topps Cracker Jack Take Me Out To The Ball Game

2006 Upper Deck 2006 World Baseball Classic #44

2007 Upper Deck Goudey Memorabilia #7

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter #78

2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #80

Probably the first time in history that 2 players associated with the Astros were elected to the Hall of Fame at the same time.

2010 Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out #48

2011 Topps Heritage #262

Tim Raines – 2017 Hall of Fame Class

As promised, some Tim Raines cards. I don’t have a card for each of his 23 seasons, but I have most.1982 Fleer Stamps #391985 Donruss #2991986 Topps Tiffany #2801987 Star ’87 #21988 Topps #403I always liked the 1988 Topps All-Star subset.1989 Topps #56…

Jeff Bagwell – Hall of Fame (Finally)

I suppose I won’t be the only person posting Jeff Bagwell cards today. I have 508 Bagwell cards in my collection. Here is a card from each year of his career.The other two inductees, Tim Raines and Ivan Rodriguez, are also favorite players of mine so I…

The Green Grass of Baseball

I’ve probably told this story in the blog before. How I saw my first in-person baseball game when I was 8 or 9 years old at Philadelphia’s old Connie Mack Stadium. My strongest memory of that game was coming through the tunnel and seeing how green the …

December 2016 Books Read

My reading goal for 2016 was to read 100 books. I fell a bit short only managing 83, which I guess, is still a lot of books.  I’ll have to try harder in 2017.My youngest son and his girlfriend gave me this for my birthday. We’ve lived in the Houst…

My 2016 Collecting Year in Review

I went into 2016 with a plan to buy fewer cards over all while focusing more on Phillies and Astros cards (current and past). I think I was successful. I purchased 2,876 cards in 2016, about a thousand fewer than in 2015. Of those, 530 were Phillies ca…

Players I collect – 2016 Completed

I started this awhile ago and this will be the final post as I present 2016 cards of the players I collect. We’re going to finish out with two current players.Mike TroutBowman #1Panini Diamond Kings #91Topps #1Topps #26Topps American League Standouts #…

Players I Collect – 2016 continued

We’re getting near the end of this series of players that I’ve collected over the years who had cards in 2016.Ryne SandbergTopps 100 Years at Wrigley #26Topps Archives #41Topps Allen & Ginter #180There’s probably a Topps Bunt card for Sandberg as w…

Players I Collect – 2016 continued

Continuing from Yasiel Puig, up next is:Albert PujolsTopps Bunt #126In his 16th year, Prince Albert isn’t the player he used to be but he had a pretty good years in 2015 and 2016 but the only Pujols card I got was this lousy Topps Bunt card.Jim RiceTop…

What do baseball players like?

“What do baseball player’s like? is often a question that can often be found on the backs of baseball cards. Not such a useless hobby after all. Let’s try to answer this question using a pack of 2015 Bowman I recently acquired in a repack box.Anthony R…

My 400th Mike Schmidt Card

My regular readers (you know who you are) should know that Mike Schmidt is my favorite player. I reached a minor threshold with my 400th Schmidt card. I don’t have nearly that many cards of any other player. I’ve actually had this card since May but am…

1979 TCMA 50’s Cards – Phillies

My good friend B always finds some nice baseball cards for me for my birthday. This year was no exception.In 1979, TCMA seemed to primarily release minor league sets, but also produced this 291-card TCMA 50’s set, noted on the back as being from the “B…