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Thrift Treasures 97: A 92-year-old treasure from Treasure Island (San Francisco)

For years I had been hearing about a flea market on “Treasure Island,” which is a former Naval base located in the San Francisco Bay between the cities of San Francisco and Oakland.  The family and I finally made our way up there and while the sports items are scant, I did manage to find […]

Baby born at San Diego’s Petco Park the second coming of “Prince?”

Earlier this week there was a child born at San Diego’s Petco Park, the first to have come into the world at the Padres’ home stadium. Surely this is not the first kid to be born at a stadium, but there was once a baseball player/entertainer who claimed to have been born in the same […]

A trip to LCS for supplies leads to purchase of vintage rookies

So earlier today I was taking pictures of some autographs in my collection and noticed that I still needed about 30 single-screw cases for a project I’m working on.  So I headed to the LCS to buy these …    Well, I had about 20 minutes to spare and the shop owner tells me he […]

Thrift Treasures 96: Vintage Gaylord and ‘Blue Moon’

I love me some thrift store baggie’s full of cards.  I love it even more when at least one of the cards is already in some sort of protector. Such was the case earlier this week when I saw this:  I immediate saw this and snatched it off the leg hook. I recognized that as […]

Thrift Treasures 95: the HOF Class of 2015

When it comes to buying cards at thrift stores, sometimes you have to throw logic out the window and buy things based on principle. To understand what I mean all you have to do is look at this post. Craig Biggio, Randy Johnson and John Smoltz were three of the four players elected into the […]

It took me 22 years to notice …

If you’re a collector in your 30s or older, you remember the rage of autographed multi-sport releases from the early 1990s. Classic, makers of games and cards, was a major player in the college and draft pick scene at the time and from 1991-1993 it produced a set called Four Sport. Essentially the set was […]

Thrift Treasures 94: You won’t find that in a box of Chrome

Technically there are lots of things you won’t find in a box of Topps Chrome baseball.  But today I was out this morning looking for Topps Chrome retail blasters and couldn’t find any. So I decided to stop into one of my local thrift stores. They had a few bags of cards but none that […]

Rookie Card Upgrade 7: 1961 Topps Billy Williams

About 18 months ago I acquired a few PSA grades HOF rookie cards for what was a good deal at the time.  Among the cards was this 1961 Topps Billy Williams PSA 3.   It’s a good looking card with decent centering.  The funny thing is I wasn’t really looking to upgrade this card.  But […]

What’s good for the Goose …

I like autographs. Who doesn’t.  I also appreciate when autographs on well-designed cards show up in our hobby.  Like many others I like to gather autographs of Hall of Famers.  I have many of the same guys you likely do too, none of the super rare guys who are deceased.   Well, Goose Goossage was elected […]

Thrift Treasures 93: The Topps Collectors Album (binder)

Many years ago Topps released a collector’s kit which included a car collector’s album (really a three-run binder) along with some sheets. I always wanted to own one as a kid but never had a chance to acquire one.    About two years ago I ran across one in an antique store and it had […]

Thrift Treasures 92: A baggie to DYE for …

Have you ever wondered how prevailing autographs and game-used cards are in our hobby? Well, they are so prevalent now that I occasionally find them at thrift stores.    Over the last year or so I have managed to unearth a few certified autos and GU cards in baggies just like the one pictured above. […]

Look at that girl with the Daisy Dukes on …

Long before the 69 Boyz made this smash hit “Daisy Dukes,” a classic song from the 90s celebrating women wearing short shorts, there actually was Daisy Duke — the television character for whom the shorts were named.   Catherine Bach played the iconic character on the television show “The Dukes of Hazzard.” This show was a […]

Two for the Price of One

I was just going through some of my recently obtained autographs and noticed something pretty cool on my 2014 Topps Hi-Tek Terry Pendleton autograph … He signed BOTH sides of the card.        I added this Pendleton to my collection because he won the National League MVP Award in 1991, which is interesting because […]

DeGrom, Donaldson have similar autos 

Over the weekend I received my latest shipment from COMC and in the batch was my first autographed rookie card of 2014 National League Rookie of the Year, Jacob DeGrom.    This 2014 Panini National Treasures signed relic rookie card features a clean on-card autograph. While looking at the DeGrom auto, it dawned on me […]

Thrift Treasures 86: 6 Hits and more for a buck

For about a year, one of the thrift stores that I frequent has had thousands of cards sitting around for the price of 20/$1. Sadly, most of them were straight up commons from 1989 Fleer, 1989 Upper Deck and a few other sets from the same time frame. The boxes had been picked clean of […]

Thrift Treasures 85: A mini helmet signed by an NFL HOFer

I have two kids.  One is in elementary school and the other is in pre-school.  Neither of them really enjoy shopping at thrift stores because “everything is old.” When they were younger they didn’t vent their displeasure, they just went along with the program.  So the only time I really get to go is when […]

And then … there was one. Another big 2000 GOTG SP Auto acquired

Never did I ever think I would get so close to finishing one of the greatest sets of all time. The 2000 Greats of the Game autograph set has been one of the top sets I have ever seen and over the last two years I have spent time and money trying to finish this […]

BGS/BVG order returns: ’56 Clemente slabbed; RC’s crossed over

So, a few months ago my co-worker advised me that he had established a relationship with one of his local thrift stores and they would contact him if they obtained any sports cards.  This shop isn’t a chain store, just some little shop that buys storage lockers and resells items. I’ve never been there, but […]

He won more World Series titles than Ric Flair had major World Heavyweight Titles

Ric Flair is widely recognized as having held a major wrestling Heavyweight Championship title in the WWE(WWF), WCW, and NWA 16 times. Did you know there is a baseball player/coach who won more World Series titles than Flair held wrestling heavyweight belts? Enter Frank Crosetti of the New York Yankees. Crosetti played 17 seasons in […]

4x 2015 Topps Toys R Us blister packs with purples

If you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I have fallen in love with the 2015 Topps Toys R Us purple parallels. They are foil and are gorgeous. I personally think they are the best looking parallel of the base set so far. And for $2.99 a pack you get three purples and […]

Thrift Treasures 82: Bill Walton auto w HOF inscription for $2.99

Bill Walton’s autograph is lot a tough one to obtain. Many times the hall of Famer’s autograph can be had for under $20. Well, today I found one for the price of a retail pack. This is a signed first-edition book that was released in 1994. Total cost of this treasure: $2.99 To see more […]

COMC shipment knocks chunk out of 2014 Gypsy Queen mini set needs

Over the weekend I received a shipment from COMC of 100 cards. Some will be for resell, others are for my PC, and a good size chunk — about 30 — are for my 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Mini set. I figured this was a good time to share an Update in this set and […]