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Card Evolution 1990

It occurred to me while I was doing my series on card brand evolution in the 1990s, that I could have approached it in a different way by showing in each post, a card from each year from the 5 brands. So if you can stand to see some more 1990s cards, I'm going to do that. I'll try to pick a card of the same player from each brand if I can. Let's see how 1990 cards fall on the evolutionary scale.

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Lucky Pull of the Opening Day Ace!

Hey guys, Drew back here! Things are starting to get a little bit busier in my life, which is obviously welcomed. I haven't had a whole lot to do lately with a relatively laid back Spring semester, but I just got a job and am starting to look into summer internship possibilities and even studying abroad in the future. I'm really excited for all of the future opportunities that could be coming my way, and although this may affect my time on this blog I'll do my best to stick around.
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2015 Topps Heritage Base Card Breakdown

I can't say I'm real thrilled with 2015 Topps Heritage. For one thing, the 1966 set design was pretty dull. I bought 2 blasters, a rack box and 2 rack packs which yielded 147 different cards. Of those 147 cards I have doubles (or even triples) for 28 of them, which I think is high. I also didn't see any of the variation cards, no blue backs, no black backs, not even a lousy gum stain. For 30 cents/card, I'd expected a bit more. The rack packs yielded some of the foil cards which I'm suspending judgement on. I get 1 chrome and 1 chrome refractor. We'll let's break down this bunch of cards.

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Snowbound and Stir Crazy

In case you missed it, Boston has received so much snow in the last few weeks that everything and everyone—including me—is at a breaking point. The MBTA doesn't work, the government is encouraging people to stay indoors and off the roads, and there are no signs that the cold and the snow will let up anytime soon. Which has given me plenty of time to stew in my thoughts...

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Recent Stuff

Here's what I've been collecting lately...

I found this on eBay. (Great back, too.) I'm a big fan of test prints, overprints, miscuts, blank backs, wrong backs, and misprints in general. I bought six similar test-print 1951 Bowmans sometime last year and have those framed. This one is just sitting on my desk. Can't remember what I paid for it; doesn't matter. I don't think it was more than $10...
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Frank Robinson 2008 Topps Heritage ‘Flashbacks’

Frank Robinson 2008 Topps Heritage ‘Flashbacks’

I love sets like this!!!

The set tagged as ‘Flashbacks’ takes us back to some incredible moments in baseball history.  This card here pays homage to Frank Robinson hitting for the cycle during the 1959 baseball season.

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Black Heritage Parallels: Pretty Cool

The other day I picked up what will most likely be my only Topps Heritage cards this year. I can't say I'm that excited about the 1962 design, but I was still curious enough to purchase one of the three-pack dealies that Target started selling. What interested me was the additional three-card black parallel pack that was included.
I got:
C55 Lou Marson, C51 Xavier Nady, and C36 Josh Beckett

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Stephen Strasburg Topps Heritage Card Creates National Frenzy

The stampede was nearly heard across the floor of the National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC) on Thursday afternoon. Collectors, flippers and baseball fans ran to get on line for an exclusive Stephen Strasburg 2010 Topps Heritage card, which can only be found at the NSCC at the Baltimore Convention Center.