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Vincent Velasquez

In the off-season, the Phillies traded their promising closer, Ken Giles to the Astros for 4 players. One of those players was Vincent Velasquez.Valasquez started his 2nd game of the season, today, April 14. He was incredible.  He managed to throw…

2016 Topps Heritage – First Look

I’m just back from Florida and spring training baseball. The weather was great and the baseball was fun. I hope to do a few posts about the trips later. Like a dope, I forgot my camera so all I have is a few iPhone snaps. But my friend and traveling co…

Favorite card from each team – 2015 Part 2

Continuing from yesterdayNationalsWhat a follow through!OriolesHard to tell what’s going on here. I guess he was making a throw after recovering a wild pitch.PadresDerek Norris makes a point.PhilliesJ-Roll breaks Schmid’s hit total and Michael Jack goe…

Favorite card from each team – 2015 Part 1

Much earlier in the season I made a post, here, about how cards were distributed among the various teams. I even made a chart! I concluded then that cards were distributed pretty randomly among the teams. I promised to make another post later in the season when I had more cards. Well this was going to be that post. The results aren’t very interesting. I have 1,792 cards, just counting base cards (no parallels, no inserts, no autos, no relics). The number of cards per team varies from a low of 48 (White Sox) to a high of 79 (Yankees) with an average of 60 per team. The chart I could make would be boring beyond belief. So I’m convinced, that at least for 2015, the cards are distributed pretty randomly among the teams, even considering extra cards due to world series wins and awards.

So here’s what I’m going to do instead. I’m going to pick my favorite base card from each team.

Oakland A’s

I have 52 A’s base cards (60 overall). I gotta go with Coco Crisp’s magnificent and retro Afro.


55 Angel’s base cards (76 overall). I like this in-your-face face-first slide.

Houston Astros

66 Astros base cards (98 overall). I went looking on eBay for Astros sets which inflated the amount a bit. The classic Astro’s rainbow jerseys. The Astros gave their fans a lot to cheer about this year.

Toronto Blue Jays

61 base cards (70 overall). Marcus Stroman yelling from the dugout. Where is everybody else?

Atlanta Braves 

56 base cards (70 overall). Andrelton Simmons gets some air.

Milwaukee Brewers

51 base cards (60 overall). Matt Garza!

St. Louis Cardinals

67 base cards (109 overall, mainly due to the Stan Musial set I bought). Jason Heyward gets the tight close-up treatment.

Chicago Cubs
50 base cards (72 overall). Great outfield catch with Wrigley Field ivy in the background.

Arizona Diamondbacks

53 base cards (63 overall). I like how Ziegler’s body position draws the eye up to the ball in the upper left.

Los Angles Dodgers

67 base cards (97 overall). A dramatic sky at 8:14 some night at Chavez Ravine.

San Francisco Giants

69 base cards (80 overall). Joe Panik flips the ball to Brandon Crawford while the Chevy logo looks on.

Cleveland Indians

58 Cards (64 overall). A classic Stadium Club photo.

Seattle Mariners

62 base cards (76 overall). Fernando Rodney pretty satisfied with himself.

Miami Marlins

50 base cards (64 overall). Dee Gordon at the ready.

New York Mets
71 base cards (83 overall).  Travis D’Arnaud fielding a bunt.

Random Cards From My Collection #76

Card # 493461986 Topps Baseball Tattoos Charlie HoughComments on the card/player: These were available as a sheet with 6 players and a stick of gum in a pack. I had started collecting cards in 1985 but don’t remember ever seeing this for sale.How/…

Beards Part 2 – Yes there are more

Yesterday I asked the question “Are there more beards in baseball”. Then I showed a bunch of baseball players wearing beards on 2015 baseball cards. That didn’t really answer the question however. The answer is yes, there are more beard wearing players…

Baseball Beards Part 1

Is it my imagination or are more baseball players wearing beards these days than ever before?  I don’t think it’s my imagination and tomorrow I’ll present some more data. Today, we’re just going to look at beards in 2015.  I tediously counted…

Your 2015 Astros

I haven’t been paying much attention to the Astros. What do you expect when they lost more than 100 games a year from 2011-2013?  The Phillies were not much better but I can get them on I can’t get the Astros because they are my home team…

2015 Trevor Cahill and Topps Heritage

Trevor Cahill used to be a decent pitcher. With any luck, he’ll be a decent pitcher again as it doesn’t seem as if injuries are the problem. He was a combined 43-47 the first 4 years of his career with the A’s and D-Backs. That maybe doesn’t sound that…

2015 Topps Heritage High Number Series

After trying two Targets, I found blasters of this product at Walmart. They had 3 boxes and I bought them out. I was really hoping to get this card. 2015 Topps Heritage #563 Carlos CorreaI finally pulled it from the last pack in the third blaste…

TTM: "What Happened to the Nationals?" Edition

Hey everyone, Drew back here. I was shocked to find a TTM return in my mailbox a few days ago; my first and only success in the past month. I’ve had a lot out in the mail at this point, but I don’t expect much of it to come back. Either way, here’s a l…

Heritage High Numbers Mets

The Mets’ magic number is down to three, so it seems likely that they should clinch at some point this weekend. (Let’s keep our fingers crossed.) This week, Topps released its High Numbers update for the Heritage set. While the product has been sold in sets as an online exclusive for the past couple of […]

2008 Phillies – Where are they now? (Outfielders)

A review of where all Phillies (at least the regulars) from the 2008 World Season have gone.Pat Burrell – Left Field2008 Bowman Gold #622011 Topps #546Pat the Bat was in his 9th season with the Phillies in 2008. He had, for him, an average season. Not …

2008 Phillies – Where are they now? (Infielders)

2008, of course, was a big year for the Phillies. They made the playoffs for the 2nd consecutive year and, better yet, won the World Series. They would go on to a lose in the 2009 World Series and again reach the playoffs in 2010 and 2011. With the dep…

Happy Labor Day from the MLBPA

The MLBPA is, of course, the Major League Baseball Players Association, the professional baseball players union. Being this is Labor Day, a holiday celebrating the American labor movement, what better day to discuss unionized baseball?The MLBPA was fou…

Photo Reuse – Topps and Panini

For several years now (this is my 4th post on this subject), I’ve documented where Topps has reused a photo from either a previous year or from a different Topps set. I guess this is standard operating procedure for Topps. Now that I’m through Allen an…

Random Cards From My Collection #75

Card #399422003 Just Prospects #2 Josh AndersonComments on the card/player: These used to be pretty common in repacks and that’s where I got this card in 2013. Anderson was the Astros 4th round draft pick in 2003 and eventually had a 3-year career with…

Finally Freddy

Anytime that I am able to knock a name off of my list of Orioles autographs that I need is a good day, and today, I am happily knocking Freddy Garcia’s name off of that list. Freddy made his Orioles debut back on May 4, 2013 and served as the Orio…

Joe Panik PC Pickups from JustCommons!

Hey everyone, Drew back here! About two or three weeks ago, I made my first purchase on As many of you may know, I am a big fan of, and I even have a store on their site (shameless plug, couldn’t help it). However, I’ve since …

Card Evolution 1990

It occurred to me while I was doing my series on card brand evolution in the 1990s, that I could have approached it in a different way by showing in each post, a card from each year from the 5 brands. So if you can stand to see some more 1990s cards, I…

Lucky Pull of the Opening Day Ace!

Hey guys, Drew back here! Things are starting to get a little bit busier in my life, which is obviously welcomed. I haven’t had a whole lot to do lately with a relatively laid back Spring semester, but I just got a job and am starting to look into summ…

Random Cards from My Collection #71

Card #33338
1992 Stadium Club #267 Edgar Martinez

Comments on the card/player: Martinez lead the American League in 1992 with a .343 batting average and 46 doubles.
How/When acquired: In June of 2012, I bought a 36-card, unopened box of 1992 Stadium Club for $5.00. What a deal!

Card #30456
2011 Topps Cognac Diamond Anniversary #67 Vladimir Guerrero

Comments on the card/player: I’m not sure that I really liked this foil background but I do like the silver foil shields.
How/When acquired: On October 2011 I bought a hobby box of Topps Update and the seller sent me two boxes. Oops, my mistake, the seller said, just keep the second box. I’m not normally a set collector but I have this whole set.

Card #39014
2009 Topps American Heritage American Presidents #6 John Quincy Adams

Comments on the card/player: Our 6th President. From sets like this I’ve got a lot of different presidential cards. I may do a post or two. Maybe for the 4th of July.
How/When acquired: I bought just a few packs of this product in 2009. I wish I had bought more.

Card 2207
2003 Fleer Tradition Update #279 Albert Pujols

Comments on the card/player: This was a subset card in the 2003 Fleer Update set. 2003 was one of those monster years Pujols used to have. He led the league in runs scored (137), hits (212), doubles (51), batting average (.351) and total bases (394). And he hit 43 home runs.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.25/card for 5 packs of Fleer Tradition Update in November 2003.

Card 900
1996 Pinnacle #390 Bob Abreu

Comments on the card/player: Abreu was just “Bob” with the Astros in 1996 and 1997 without much playing time. He got drafted by the Devil Rays in the 1997 expansion draft and then traded to the Phillies for Kevin Stocker. Bobby had a breakout year with Philly in 1998 and a fine career.
How/When acquired: Acquired in my 2012 Summer Clearance Trade.

Card 4292
1989 Fleer All-Stars #12 Julio Franco

Comments on the card/player: This was a 12-card insert in 1989 Fleer.
How/When acquired: I bought entire set for $1.83 on eBay in July 2003.

Card #20466
1992 Studio #77 Mickey Morandini

Comments on the card/player: The second year of Studio. If Panini wants to bring back old Donruss ideas, how about a new Studio set?
How/When acquired: Don’t know.

Card #25633
2011 Topps Heritage #273 Chris Perez

Comments on the card/player: Based on 1962 Topps. But you knew that.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.32/card for 216-card box of Topps Heritage on eBay in March 2011.

Card #20814
1994 Triple Play #173 Lenny Dykstra

Comments on the card/player: In an interview last year in the New York Times, about a year after he got our of prison for grand theft auto, Dykstra is quoted as saying “My life for the past year has been my sons, community service, and don’t forget, peeing in the cup.”
How/When acquired: Don’t know.

Card #43454
2013 Hometown Heroes #85 Yadier Molina

Comments on the card/player: I picked up a handful of packs at a card show in November 2013. I really liked this set but Panini did not repeat for 2014.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.40/card for 3 packs of of Hometown Heroes in November 2013.

2015 Topps Heritage Base Card Breakdown

I can’t say I’m real thrilled with 2015 Topps Heritage. For one thing, the 1966 set design was pretty dull. I bought 2 blasters, a rack box and 2 rack packs which yielded 147 different cards. Of those 147 cards I have doubles (or even triples) for 28 o…

Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Heritage

I have this love / hate relationship with Heritage baseball. It’s akin to a Jeckyll / Hyde scenario. There’s that sweet feeling of opening packs, looking at cards, sorting them, building the set.Then there’s the harsh reality of needless short prints, …

First 2015 Topps Heritage Card

Last year, many people were complaining that Topps Heritage wasn’t showing up in their local big box stores for weeks after its issue. Here it is the week of the official release of 2015 Topps Heritage and it’s already in the local Targets and Walmarts…

Snowbound and Stir Crazy

In case you missed it, Boston has received so much snow in the last few weeks that everything and everyone—including me—is at a breaking point. The MBTA doesn’t work, the government is encouraging people to stay indoors and off the roads, and there are no signs that the cold and the snow will let up anytime soon. Which has given me plenty of time to stew in my thoughts…

I would really like to see colleges offer an intercollegiate stock car racing circuit, if only to see cars and fire suits covered in logos and emblems of universities and names of individual departments. Maybe the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chair in Automotive Engineering?

I haven’t bought any 2015 Topps Series One yet, but I’m digging the acetate parallel. It reminds me of the Slideshow insert set from 1995 Leaf. An idea’s an automatic winner in my book if you need a functioning lightbox in order to enjoy the cards.

And while we’re on Series One, the sheer volume of opened cards listed on eBay right now is staggering. Massive lots of hand-collated sets, “unsearched” (yeah right) lots of base cards, parallels, inserts, autographed cards, game-used swatches, and more. Didn’t it just release a few weeks ago? It gets me thinking about collecting in Bachelor terms—here for “the right reasons” versus the wrong reasons. While all this stuff on eBay is great for cheapskate collectors like me who just want to see the cards, it’s also off-putting. Why would someone buy so many cards in the first place if they’re just going to try to flip them for pennies on the dollar? Is it really all about finding the case hits?

I finally put my 1969 Topps set in pages. Got me thinking, did Ultra Pro decrease the quality of its nine-pocket pages? The ones I bought seem flimsy.

Also put my Heritage High Numbers set in pages (with the rest of the Heritage set). Looks good. Wish I had disposable income enough to assemble Heritage every year.

Scott Crawford on Cards has a great idea about collecting over the course of a year: only focus on certain sets and interests during certain months. That way your individual collections each receive attention and your interest doesn’t flag. For me, it would be

Jan/July: 1970s Topps basketball
Feb/Aug: Adding new players to my Red Soxlopedia
March/Sept: 2014 Topps Heritage Minis
April/Oct: 1969 Topps variations
May/Nov: Mega master set additions for 1978, 1986, and 1987
June/Dec: 2015 Topps Archives (only cards of players depicted in the 1976 style, and only those players who also had a card in the original 1976 set)

The much-discussed decline of blogging in the sports-card-collecting hobby is sad to me. There are literally scores of YouTube users who post box breaks but don’t seem all that interested in the cards they find—unless those cards are serially numbered or autographed—or have anything to say about the cards. Blogging about cards allows for more than just posting images of the cards. It allows you to say what you like about the cards, about why you collect. It’s important that this outlet doesn’t disappear.

Lastly, with all these stamped buybacks, Topps has finally released the Archives: Commons set I predicted back in 2007.

Recent Stuff

Here’s what I’ve been collecting lately… I found this on eBay. (Great back, too.) I’m a big fan of test prints, overprints, miscuts, blank backs, wrong backs, and misprints in general. I bought six similar test-print 1951 Bowmans sometime last year a…