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An Actual, Real Life Political Card

Yesterday, President Obama tweeted out some news about his Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland and he included a mocked up trading card to get his message across. Here’s the tweet the President sent out: The back story here in case you forgot. A…

2014 Heritage the Originals: 1965 Topps Index

This is an Index to our posting related to 2014 Heritage and the set it homages 1965 Topps   1965 Topps/2014 Heritage Index    Base – #534 John Herrnstein  Rookie Cup – #460 Dick Allen  Rookie Stars – #282 Dick Estelle &am…

Monte Irvin (1919-2016)

Last week we found out about the passing of Giants Hall of Fame outfielder Monte Irvin. 2003 UD Vintage #89 Monte IrvinOne of the interesting things I found out about Monte Irvin is that he donated proceeds from his autograph signings to benefit his al…

1965 Topps Combo Card: Athletic Aarons

“Big League Buddies” strikes again, this time with Hank and Tommie Aaron of the Milwaukee Braves.

1965 Topps Custom Combo Cards

I love combo cards, those goofy-titled cards of more than one player. As I’ve moved toward downsizing my collection, combo cards have become a major focus.I also love 1965 Topps. It’s one of my favorite sets, yet it’s the only Topps set from the 1960s …

feeling complete, except for some cards that should have been that i didn’t make
i certainly didn’t think this would happen, but i completed my 1955 topps brooklyn dodger team set recently by adding ed roebuck’s card to my collection.

that means that my topps flagship/update dodger team sets are complete from 1954 through 2013, including variations (except for those super short printed 2012 topps update cards of the red sox three), and through 2015 if we are just considering the base cards.  add in a 1955 bowman team set, a 1963 fleer team set, and what i believe to be 1960 and 1961 fleer team sets, and i’m feeling pretty good about that part of my collection.

speaking of 1955 topps and completion, quite a while back i completed the 1995 topps archives brooklyn dodgers set, which includes some cards that should have been, including a 1955 topps tom lasorda card

topps created backs for these cards, too

because of this card, a 1955 topps lasorda card was never on my list of ‘cards that should have been’ to create, but 1956 and 1957 topps lasorda cards were.  bob lemke created a 1956 card, but i’ve never gotten around to a ’57 lasorda.  speaking of ’57’s, jackie robinson was on my list of cards to create, since 1957 would have been a final tribute year with jackie’s last season coming in 1956.  bob lemke has a ’57 jackie, but he’s in giants gear which is frankly disturbing.  still, i haven’t made the time to finish that card that should have been, either.  other cards on my list were also final tributes that i haven’t gotten around to, such as a 1980 topps willie davis card, and a 1995 topps steve sax card. some of the cards on that list, however, have been created by others.

for instance, here’s a 1958 topps roy campanella

created by bob lemke

a 1959 topps pee wee reese

that would fit right in with the ’59 set. unfortunately, i’ve misplaced the source for this card. if you know who created it, please let me know and i’ll update the post.

a 1965 topps duke snider

created by cards that never were.  only slightly less disturbing than seeing jackie in giants gear.  and to think that the duke actually suited up for the nocals.

it’s not just final tributes that were on my list – there are some cards just plain missing from history, like this 1977 topps reggie jackson

created by bob lemke, although i believe that there is a test/proof of this as an actual topps card out there (in keith olbermann’s collection?).

still, most of the cards i wanted to create were final tributes, like this 1978 topps brooks robinson

created by uncle doc’s card closet – when topps had (base)balls also created a final tribute for brooks, who was given the al kaline treatment and just had a season highlight card in what should have been his final tribute set.

in keeping with the oriole theme here at the bottom of the post, here are some cards that i made for ryan at o no another orioles blog a while back.  they are all of o’s pitcher jamie walker.  i made a 2007 topps

a 2008 topps

and a 2009 topps

for ryan, who, like me, lamented the lack of cards given to non-closer relievers in sets these days.

as for all of the other cards i’ve created, i think there are some good ones in there, and certainly there are a lot of talented folks out there making their own cards that should have been, never were, or just need to be.  one of the best is travis from punk rock paint/the baseball card blog.  i still think that topps should pick up his ‘pugilists & other pugnacious princes of play’ idea and give us a real copy of this chan ho park card

made with a 2009 topps allen & ginter-ish feel.  come on, a set with that card, juan marichal wielding a bat, alex rodriguez getting punched by jason varitek, and aj pierzynski getting clocked by michael barrett among others? it’s a no-brainer set that really ought to be made.  i’d collect the whole thing.
card show stuff

it’s been over a month since wallet card and i went to the semi-annual regional card show, and i still haven’t shown off the other cards i bought and scanned.  like this 1951 bowman don newcombe cardit’s nice that the ‘bull pen’ is labeled and tha…

1965 April 9 – The Astrodome Opens

Fifty Years ago the Astrodome opened. Last year Topps honored the anniversary as part in the Heritage Baseball Flashbacks set. 2014 Topps Heritage Baseball Flashbacks #BF-A Astrodome The card had the date and the venue’s catchy nickname “The Eight Wond…

1964 Topps @ 50 (now 51) Pat Corralles

This is our second 1964 Phillies related posting in the last couple of days and we have another manager related card.1965 Topps #107 Rookie Stars Pat Corrales & Costen Shockley And like last weeks card today’s entry is another Manager card, Pa…

empirically, these cards are fantastic

i recently had the opportunity to meet brian, he of everybody’s favorite new blog highly subjective and completely arbitrary at the local monthly card show.  we had agreed to meet near one of the vintage bargain bin dealers that i have written abo…

vintage – old and new – from the card show

when is vintage old and new, you might ask?  well, when topps buys back its old cards, stamps ’em, and puts them in packs of 2015 cards, they are both new and old.  such is the case with these three cards – 1974 topps charlie hough1979 topps …

Will Ferrell raises money to fight Cancer – will emulate Bert Campaneris

As part of a fundraiser to fight Cancer, Actor Comedian and Phungo Favorite Will Ferrell will be making a special Spring Training tour on Thursday. He will be playing in 5 Cactus League games. 1965 Topps #266 Bert Campaneris One of Ferrell’s goal is to…

yes, the cards celebrate

or, perhaps more accurately, my card collection celebrates when i receive trade packages in the mail such as the one reader john sent not quite a couple of months ago.he knocked quite a few cards off of my 1965 topps want list, like this world series c…

Say U.N.C.L.E

You may have heard that there’s a  Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie coming out this summer.  For you youngsters it’s based on a tv show from the mid-1960’s.  In 1965 Topps issued a set of 55 B&W Man From U.N.C.L.E cards.  I recently pi…