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Cha Cha Cha Chages

It seems to me that the Red Sox are beginning a transition season. No, not a bridge year. (For some reason people found that term negative.) But, it seems like the style of the Red Sox is ready for a change.Maybe I’m putting too much thought into David…

Monique Vacon Visits Section 36!

Section 36 has another visitor! Monique Vacon is a New England sports fan, and the current Miss Bay Sate. You may remember her

from the fantastic picture she submitted posing with Section 36. I waited far too long to ask her, but thankfully she was nice enough to visit with us to discuss the Red Sox, herself, and her time as Miss Bay State. So, let’s see what happens when Monique Vacon visits Section 36!

What has been your favorite thing about being Miss Bay State?
I am a New England girl so to have the opportunity to represent my home for a year has been an absolute dream. My favorite thing about being Miss Bay State has been sharing my crown and sash with all of the kiddos.

Is there something left that you’d like to accomplish before the end of your reign?
Honestly, I have had the most amazing year but I hope that we can surpass our goal of $343,377 at the 2017 94.7 WMAS Baystate Children’s Hospital Radiothon.

How did you celebrate winning the Miss Bay State crown?
After the pageant, I did not want to take my crown off so I wore it to the Boston Tavern in Middleboro and had dinner with my family and friends.

How do we get more youth involved in volunteerism?
Volunteering has always been an invaluable part of my life ever since I was a kid. Teaching children about empathy is crucial in order to promote volunteerism. I teach my own students that helping others in need can be such a gratifying experience. Through my platform, Wish for a Miracle: Education Youth in Volunteerism, my students have made cards for children in local hospitals, raise money for Make-A- Wish, create their own fundraising projects and donated clothing to homeless shelters.

What are your plans after your reign is over?
I will continue my Master of Education degree and I will be the new business manager for the lucky young woman who wins Miss Bay State 2017.

What do you remember about your last trip to Fenway Park?
My last trip to Fenway Park I was introduced on the field, said “play ball” and watched the game with my entire family. It was by far one of my favorite appearances and the Red Sox won that night!

This is the first Red Sox season in a while without David Ortiz. What your favorite Ortiz memory?
There are so many memorable moments in Ortiz’s career especially his hilarious Dunkin Donuts commercials. My favorite memory was when his daughter sang the national anthem. His reaction was so genuine and heartfelt.

What were you doing when the Red Sox won the 2013 World Series?
I believe I was in my living room watching the game with my family.

What are you most looking forward to about the Red Sox in 2017?

The addition of Chris Sale and the rest of the loaded pitching staff!

How will the Red Sox finish the 2017 season?
Obviously, the Indians are going to be contending in the AL again but I think the Red Sox will be right there at the end of the season and go deep into the playoffs.


Hard to argue with that. Hope they go very deep into the playoffs. 

I want to give Monique a huge thank you for taking the time to visit with us. I also want to thank her for sending in such a large assortment of pictures to go along with the interview. Pictures definitely make the post more appealing. 

If you want to find out more about Monique, you should definitely check out her website: Miss Vacon. It’s a great way to follow along with her on her Miss Bay State journey. 

I wish Monique luck as she completes her year as Miss Bay Sate. And, maybe when she’s working with her successor she’ll mention the best section in Fenway.

Thanks again Monique!

Opening Day Celebrations!
I know I’ve talked about this before. But, the very fact that I have the chance to keep talking about it shows how incredible it is that I can keep talking about it.

Did that make any sense?

But, you probably remember that the Patriots won the Super Bowl a couple weeks ago. As new champions, they’ve been doing their victory tours. Visits to Disney World. Championship parades. The talk show circuit. Autograph appearances. Those are all ways to bask in the glory that comes with winning it all.

The appearances that I love the most are when they get to visit other Boston sports teams for pre-game celebrations. Just the other day, the Patriots visited the Bruins for the ceremonial puck drop. It gives them another chance for Boston fans to adore them.

Of course, the appearance I’m most interested in is the visit to Fenway Park. The timing of the baseball seasons means that they can wait a bit before having a ceremony for the Pats, allowing the celebrations to stretch out a bit. That means I fully expect a ceremony on Opening Day.

Nobody does a celebration like the Red Sox, and they’ve had plenty of chances to practice when it comes to inviting other teams to their party. This would, as we know, be the fifth time the Pats have made the visit. From the first time when just about every member of the team surprised us be coming out from under the giant flag in left, to the most recent time when the four member of the organization with four rings came to say hello. I’m sure the Sox are working on something special.

What’s interesting to me is that the Sox probably had some sort of ceremony in mind for David Ortiz. With this being his first year of retirement, I’d be amazed if the Sox weren’t already planning on having him at least throw out the first pitch. So, will the Sox add him to the Patriots party? Have Brady throw the first pitch to Ortiz again? Will they just have Ortiz come to home game two in order to spread the wealth?

However they do it, I’m sure it will be a memorable occasion. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

How do you think it will go?
I Prefer My Nachos Grande
The internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Oh, sure it’s mostly used these days for misinformation campaigns. But, every once in a while its goodness shines though. Such as the other day when I received a tweet from Chris over at Nachos Grande. He was spending some time going through blogger’s want lists, and he had found some cards off mine. All he needed was an address, and the cards would be on their way.

Does it get any better than that?

It wasn’t much longer before an envelope arrived with a handful of cards to add to my collection. Which cards were in there? I’m glad you asked!

Chris made a nice dent in my 2011 Gypsy Queen needs. I like the look of GQ this year. It has a classic elegance without getting too frilly about it. These three guys run the spectrum of fan favorites. Youkilis was beloved when he was in Boston, and most considered his time here too short. But, when you need to make room for the great Will Middlebrooks, sacrifices need to be made. David Ortiz, of course, practically spent his entire career in Boston, and people are still hoping for at least one more season to be added on. Crawford, on the other hand, couldn’t be run out of town fast enough for most fans. While I never understood the vile, most fans were pleased that 2011 was Crawford’s only full season in Boston.

More variety! Lester was a complex player. He went from being ridiculed for wondering why he wasn’t the ace of the staff, to being the most important piece of any pitching staff in baseball history. All without having his performance changing. It was all about perception. I guess a ring will do that for you sometimes. Speaking of rings, Speaker has a couple of those himself. I’ve always felt sorry for Speaker. He was from the wrong time. A player of his talents should be revered in Boston. There should be statues of him everywhere. But, he played before there was even video of him. He can’t have his number retired…he didn’t wear one. His greatness is lost to history a bit.

Finally, Chris included these great 2008 Allen and Ginter needs. Wait. What’s that? Cespedes wasn’t on the Red Sox in 2008? He wouldn’t play for the Sox until 2014? Did A&G use an old design to predict the future? Nope. These are custom cards created by Chris’s pal Ryan. I can’t underestimate how great these cards are in person. They’ll look fantastic next to their 2008 friends in my binder.

So, a huge thank you to Chris. The cards are much appreciated. And, even though they weren’t required, a return package is on its way to you. Hope you like it.

Thanks again!
2017 Topps Series 1 Baseball – Dodgers Base Variation Cards

Now that you’ve seen the Dodger base cards here are the handful of short-printed variations that are available.  This time around only Corey Seager and Clayton Kershaw have alternative versions of their cards.  Check them out below.  Sho…

Favorite Card of 2016

With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s a great time to look back at the best parts of 2016. I’m sure there are some. To that end, P-Town Tom, the wonderful author of the Eamus Catuli blog (who had PLENTY to celebrate this year) suggested …

List of 36: Things I’m Thankful For

1. Mookie Betts2. Playoff Baseball3. Hanley’s return4. Papi’s Farewell Tour5. Pictures with Section 366. Division Championships7. Prospects8. Facebook likes9. Drew Pomeranz10. San Diego All-Star uniforms11. David Ortiz bling necklaces12. Xander Bogaert…

Samantha Russo Visits Section 36!

Section 36 has another visitor! Samantha Russo is a Red Sox fan, an on-air radio and television personality, and a former Miss New Hampshire. Thankfully she was nice enough to visit with us to discuss all of those topics, and a few more. So, let’s see …

David Ortiz in Cards

As we celebrate Big Papi Weekend, I thought it would be fun to share my 34 favorite David Ortiz cards in my collection! I figured it would be easier in pieces, so the posts won’t be too long. And, why not just do it in chronological order? So, here are…

Big Papi in Cards

As we celebrate Big Papi Weekend, I thought it would be fun to share my 34 favorite David Ortiz cards in my collection! I figured it would be easier in pieces, so the posts won’t be too long. And, why not just do it in chronological order? So, here are…

Well, That Was Fun

I bet you didn’t think it could happen. I know twitter didn’t seem to think it could happen. Once the Sox went down, it was over. After all, this team is gutless. Heartless. Outmatched. Out managed. They just can’t win close games. They …

I Scored!
August 6, 2011

Here’s a great game from not exactly the greatest time period in Red Sox history.

It’s an August game during the great collapse of 2011. Of course, it wasn’t so much a collapse as it was an underestimation of injuries. But, that’s a story for another time.

In this game we see the Red Sox are hosting the New York Yankees. As they might say, you can throw out the standings when these two teams meet. The game was started by John Lackey, as he was struggling through the worst season any starter has ever had. Of course, we all found out later he was battling through a significant arm injury at the time. I bet some people regret booing him. But, in this game, he did OK. He ended up with a quality start, even if it was just barely. With the runs the Sox offense was putting up, he gave the team all it needed. Heck, the game was so well in hand, that the Sox tossed Wheeler out there for an inning!

So, how about that offense? It took them a couple innings to get going. After all, they were facing C.C. Sabathia…when he was good. But, once they got going they exploded. Amazingly, Sabathia stayed in the game for six innings. That’s one of the reasons I always dislike the term “innings eater.” While I can grasp the value of a guy who can save the bullpen in a blowout, is pitching six innings while giving up seven runs something to celebrate?

Take a look at that line-up, will you? Some blasts from the past in there. Not sure which is weirder to me, a line-up with Crawford and Gonzalez in it, or one where Ortiz is batting fifth.

So, who was the player of the game? I really really really want to give it to Carl Crawford. Basically, just so I can say the player of the game was Carl Crawford. And, he actually deserves it. 4-4 with three runs scored. On most days that would be an easy choice. But, at the top of the order, Jacoby Ellsbury went 2-4 with six RBI. Yup, this was Ellsbury’s lone MVP-type season. But, even for him that year, this was a special game.

The goat? Speaking of things I didn’t think I’d ever say…I have to hang the horns on David Ortiz. Yup. You heard me. Ortiz was the only person on the Sox not to reach base, and the only starter without a hit. Maybe it’s because Aviles was protecting him.

But, of course, none of that mattered. Lackey stepped up to the challenge, the offense piled up the runs, and the Red Sox cruised their way to victory.

And the scorecard shows how it happened.
Everybody HAD A Record: Edgar Martinez Edition

Yesterday was pretty brutal for Edgar Martinez.  First David Ortiz passed Edgar’s record for most RBIs by a designated hitter [1,003].  Then that same day Ichiro passed Edgar’s record for most hits as a Mariner [2,248].  I…

Drafted Again!

Last night I had my second and final fantasy draft of the year. It might be the best one yet. This is a league I’ve been in for quite some time. It’s a standard 5×5 league, with big rosters. This year, we only had ten teams, and I had the 9th pick….

Got Another One!

Yesterday I got one more semi-response from a TTM request. This one came from Red Sox DH David Ortiz. On the plus side, it was a response. On the minus side, it wasn’t a signature. Let’s see what Ortiz was kind enough to send along.Yes. It’s anot…

Pull N Junk of the Month – February 2011 – Mostly Catchers Edition

I had intended to do a whole Retail v Hobby comparison of 2011 Topps, but sort of lost my momentum on that one as I (and many others) seemed to be suffering from new release fatigue.I picked up three packs each of Topps Retail and Topps Hobby this mont…

My First Red Sox Cards of the Year!

Well, that’s not exactly 100% accurate. I have bought cards this year, and gotten Red Sox cards. But, I have just opened a pack containing my first 2011 Red Sox card. Exciting, isn’t it? I know. I know. All the people who read the baseball card blo…

Show and Tell #72: Surprise Trade With Reader Kevin

Reader Kevin sent me some cards out of the clear blue sky a while ago and I sent him some Wes Welker cards in return. Here are a few of the stand-outs:Gorman Thomas is one of my favorites and I love the propoganda poster feel of this poster. Gorman …

Optional Reading

So, the Red Sox officially picked up David Ortiz’s one-year option for 2011. What does this mean? The Boston media and talk radio hosts are completely useless and out of touch. But, we knew that already. Ortiz is a perfect example of the warped way m…

Box Break – 2007 Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition

This wasn’t the first box that I opened, but I thought it was one that was relevant to current baseball playoff events.  I love busting cheap, older Upper Deck products, but you’ll rarely see me buying anything from them when it’s brand new.