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Trade Me Anything X #6

I’m guessing this will be the final TMA X post. Reader Justin made a request in February, and I’m just getting to this now. Long-form storytelling is my forte, though this is redefining the term to suit my proclivities.Giving:First Pitch Jake Gyllenh…

Card shop finds – the most random nine

Most of my ‘pocket change’ has been spent towards picking up magnetic card holders to upgrade storage for many of the individual cards in my PCs – I can only use top loaders and semi-rigids from 1999 for so long.

As is, I haven’t really bothered to rummage through the cards in the quarter bins of my LCS – I have this ritual with these loose cards where I may grab a brick of them to start off with, but have to sort them out to where I only get so many cards.

2017 Topps Alex Reyes #103 – he’s had his share of prospect cards, but this is his Topps flagship MLB RC logo card.

2017 Topps Matt Strahm #274 – there are only so many players I end up hearing about, if they are more under the radar guys, than prospects hyped up by all sorts of experts.

2017 Topps Brandon Guyer #312 – Gold parallel serial #’d 0788/2017

2017 Topps Seth Lugo #319 – vaguely heard of him; he was brutal in AAA Las Vegas in 2016, but then gave the New York Mets a shot in the arm after he first got called up.

2015-16 Upper Deck SP Authentic hockey Doug Gilmour #137 – I’m not a hockey card collector but I like cards with these types of images.

1991 Upper Deck football Esera Tuaolo #635 – I found this in some random Green Bay Packers box in the store and thought wasn’t this guy a packer of a different sort?

I knew I was vaguely aware of him as a guy who did come out – so for a time his story was interesting post NFL career.

2016 Topps Heritage High Tim Lincecum #631 – he’s signing autographs here, though the image is cropped so that act is obscured…probably goes into my ‘players wearing shades’ mini-collection.

It’s not like Lincecum lost his mojo overnight, but his comeback attempt with the Angels in 2016 was an absolute failure – after being such a dazzling pitcher in his prime, it’s hard to imagine the reality of Lincecum being a has-been, relative to all his big league accomplishments.

2016 Topps Update Series Junior Guerra #US124 – I found this card on a stack in one of the back counter of the LCS; I feel like it’s my duty to pick up at least one card of a player I’ve never heard of before, even if I may not hear from them ever again.

Guerra was a journeyman minor leaguer who finally made his big league debut at 30 in 2015 – however he started 20 games for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2016 and struck out 100 batters in 121.2 innings pitched while allowing only 94 hits.

2012 Topps football Nick Barnett #174 – this maybe the last card that I may have ever thought about picking up, but isn’t that something where it looks like he is wearing some fangs.

Trade Me Anything X #2

Yes, TMA X is still going on. I got a nice little envelope from Kerry in Rose City at least a week ago. This is what Saturdays are for.Giving:#TF-2 Yadier Molina Franklin Insert(A bit of an editorial here: I kind of feel like an advertising insert li…

1969 Stamp Albums

Five years ago, I blogged about my Topps 1969 stamp collection here and here. It was on my 1968 blog because at the time, this 1969 blog was run by someone else.In those posts, I wondered:”I have 76 of these stamps from various teams, mostly Phillies,…


1998 was filled with baseball, but it didn’t mean a lot to me.Sure, I watched the home run race between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. But I felt more detached from baseball than I had ever been. In March, my daughter was born and the first thing I think…

Trade Me Anything IX: #7

Looking back, I see that it’s been since December 30 since I’ve posted about a Trade Me Anything trade. Oddly enough, two late arrivals made it to my doorstep this week, though I’ve been far too busy with parent/teacher conferences to do much about it…

Completion! (World Cup Edition)

A couple of weeks ago I hinted that I found some collecting white whales that have eluded me for quite some time. The use of that term might be a bit extreme here, since the cards I found are sometimes available, just not at the right price or in the …

Trade Me Anything IX: #6

My man Zpop is a longtime follower of this blog, and, if memory serves me right, participates in TMA quite frequently. He’s such a part of the fabric of this site that I even went shopping for him once. Let’s see what went down.Giving:#RS-22 Bryce Ha…

Trade Me Anything IX #5

Today’s trade comes from Jim from Garvey Cel Russell Lopes.

#US286 Francisco Lindor Gold Parallel (1872/2015)

#US7 Brad Miller Rainbow Foil Parallel

#US97 Josh Ravin

#PP-12 Anthony Rizzo Pride & Perseverance

Before we get to the goods, I should share that I only recently became aware that Jim decided to shut things down at gcrl. It makes me sad each time I see another card blog bite the dust, but it’s actually refreshing to know that he was able to bow out on his own terms, rather than let the blog languish and wither, as is customary. Thanks for your years of writing, Jim, and happy collecting.

Upon opening the package Jim sent, I see that he sent the trade in four distinct stacks, each topped with one of his blog’s namesakes.

Garvey Quadrant
1972 Brewers Bipping
I think I counted 10 of these in all. This is the earliest vintage of card I’ve ever been Bipped with. Well done.

Cey Quadrant
1976 Topps Needs
Yeah! Set-building help is always appreciated.

Russell Quadrant
1988 Donruss Needs
There’s also a Brewer I never heard of numbered to 100 in there. Getting close on that ’88 Donruss set.

Lopes Quadrant
1993 Topps Gold Needs
When I eventually finish this set, I’m going to have to make it very clear how much this was a team effort. I probably wouldn’t have been crazy enough to tackle it without knowing I would have some help along the way.

Thanks for all of the set help, Jim! I certainly enjoyed the anything!

Trade Me Anything IX: The Keepers

As with most years, I haven’t offered everything from my box of Update for Trade Me Anything. (Which, by the way, has been open for a week with a very small percentage of the offerings claimed. Lots of good stuff left, folks.) I’d like to take a mom…