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Pete Rose 2012 Leaf Living Legend Auto

The Phillies are facing the Reds in Cincinnati which gives us the perfect opportunity to show off the Pete Rose auto we picked up via a 2012 Living Legends Blaster.

2012 Leaf Living Legend Pete Rose #AU-37

The signature itself is a little shaky but I do like the photo. I don’t know what the break down of images for this set are, but it is nice that we got one with Rose wearing a Phillies Uniform.

Leaf had to airbrush out some of my favorite details so I dug up this version of the shot which I found at the now dormant Fielder’s Choice Blog

Of course as Dave noted in his Fielder’s Choice posting this picture will likely bring back the memory of a certain Fleer card for many Collectors

1982 Fleer #640 Pete & Re-Pete 

The phot on the above Fleer card was taken by Bob Bartosz. For a GREAT interview regarding Bartosz career as a baseball photographer check out Baseball Cards Come to Life.

1982 Fleer #640 Pete & Re-Pete (b-side)

Back in 1982 Pete Rose was not yet the all-time hit king, but as noted on the card in 1981 he passed Stan Musial as the NL career Hits Hits Leader.

2012 Leaf Living Legend Pete Rose #AU-37 (b-side)

And just to wrap up we present the flip side of the Pete Rose Auto which limits itself to your typical COA verbiage.

Pete Rose Index
1983 Topps #101 Super Veterans

I know Pete ain’t in the Hall of Fame. I am not going to get into that discussion here, but I am going to add him to our HoF Index as an honored star of the game.

Sources and Links
Baseball Cards Come to life

More Phillies cards from Dan

Here are some more Phillies cards I got from Dan of dansotherworld. Check out his blog.

1989 Topps Wax Box Cards #O Kent Tekulve

 I was collecting in the late 1980s and I remember that several manufacturers were featuring cards on box bottoms, but I don’t remember ever seeing one. In 1989, Topps had 16 cards in the set featuring players who reached some milestone. For some reason, they numbered them from A to P. Maybe so they wouldn’t get confused with the regular set. Dan sent me the two Phillies from the set, Tekulve and Greg Gross.

1989 Toys R Us Rookies #16

I didn’t have any cards from this set. There aren’t many card sets with yellow borders, and that may just as well. But I actually like cards with yellow borders, probably because they are rare.

1992 O-Pee-Chee Premier #134 John Kruk

This was the first set that O-Pee-Chee released that didn’t use the same design as Topps. A pretty nice looking card.

1992 Stadium Club Dome #4 Ron Allen

You don’t see many cards featuring the player in his college uni. Dan sent me this and another Phillie from the set, Tyler Green. I already had the Kevin Stocker card. Only two to go, Kruk and Gene Schall.

1993 Fleer Atlantic #12 John Kruk

This is a nice odd-ball. It’s the same basic design as 1993 Fleer except it has a gold border on the front and a gold background on the back. The regular card is silver. It also features different photos than the regular Fleer card. These were available in 5-card packs at Atlantic gas stations with an 8-gallon purchase. By the way, gas was going for about a dollar a gallon in 1993.

1997 Metal Universe #205 Scott Rolen

A Fleer product, perhaps the weirdest set ever produced. With his power belt on, Rolen could hit home runs into the next galaxy.

2000 Red Barons Magnets Jimmy Rollins

I don’t really know what this is. I’m guessing it’s from 2000 since that’s the year Jimmy played with the Red Barons. It isn’t really a baseball card but a refrigerator magnet. I guess it was a ballpark giveaway. Need and MRI? Call 800-383-4MRI.

2001 Bowman Heritage #24 Nelson Figueroa

2001 Bowman Heritage pretty much passed me by. I may have bought one pack. My first Phillie from the set.

2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters #41 Bobby Abreu

 Another of the myriad Fleer sets from the 2000s.

Phillies cards from Dan

A few weeks ago, I came upon dansotherworld and saw that he was giving away baseball cards by MBL division. Since he still had the NL East available, I signed on hoping for some Phillies cards. After reading some more of his blog I realized he was a Phillies collector and figured I wouldn’t get many Phillies from him.  After an exchange of emails, and him checking my blog, he said he’d see if he could find some Phillies for me.

A big package arrived the other day with almost 400 cards. Rather more than I expected. Among them were about 100 Phillies cards, of which I needed about half. Pretty good ratio. I will be studying Dan’s want list and hoping I’ll be able to return the favor.  So here are some of the more interesting Phillies he sent.

2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Framed Relics Ryan Howard

This is pretty much the best card of the bunch. The funny thing about this card is that I had actually bought two of these, one with a white jersey, the other with a bat, back in 2009, but I gave them to a friend, and fellow Phillies fan, for his birthday.

2014 Topps Chrome X-fractors #37 Cliff Lee

I love the way the scans of these cards look. I only had one X-fractor from this set and it wasn’t a Phillie.

2010 Topps Tribute Roy Halladay

These are the kinds of cards I never buy, unless I go specifically looking for them on eBay. As it turns out I have one other Phillie from this set.

2008 Ultimate Collection Cole Hamels #10

I’ve never even seen one of these cards. The base cards are numbered to 350.

2007 Upper Deck Goudey #76 Chase Utley

I had the Red Back version of this card. It’s nice to get the base card.

2003 Bowman #243 Il Kim

Topps released four cards featuring Il Kim in 2003, this one, a Stadium Club, a Topps and a Topps Total. Each card features a photo taken in the same spot, with Kim either sitting on or leaning on a bench. These are all the major league cards he has. I only need the Topps Total for the set.

2002 Fleer Authentix #70 Fleer Authentix

Fleer used to produce so many different sets each year it was hard to keep up with. I used to stop at my local card shop (when I had a local card shop) and buy a couple of packs of whatever was new. I have some cards from this set but I didn’t have any of the Phillies.

2001 Upper Deck Victory #491 Kent Bottenfield

Something you don’t see on baseball cards every day, a pitcher batting. In the 3 three months that Bottenfield spent with the Phillies he had 17 plate appearances.

2001 Topps Archives #235 Robin Roberts

When I pulled this card from the box, I thought, this is a nice card but I already have it. In fact, I have the 2002 Topps Archives Robin Roberts, which is the same card only with the Topps Archives logo on the left side.

I’ll have some more cards tomorrow.

The Phillies Tony Gonzalez

1977 was the earliest year for which I could find baseball cards for Phillies minor league teams. I would have liked to buy the whole sets but I could only find individual cards on eBay and they were pretty pricy. So I settled for one for now.

1977 TCMA Spartensburg Phillies #15 Tony Gonzalez

Tony was a coach with the Spartensburg Phillies in 1977. I like how they managed to squeeze the entire season schedule on the back of the card.  It’s pretty much unreadable.

Tony was originally signed by the Reds and debuted with them in 1960. He was traded to the Phillies in June 1960 and played for the Phils through 1968. Tony was a popular player in Philadelphia. He hit .295 for the team while here with 77 home runs.

Here are some other Gonzalez cards I own.

1964 Topps Giants #14

1966 Topps #748

1968 Topps #245

2010 05 29 Roy Halladay Throws Perfect Game vs Marlins

Yes In a year where I am devoting an entire series to No-Hitters, I almost missed the Anniversary of Roy Halladay’s Perfect Game.

2011 Topps Heritage #312 Roy Halladay Shows Perfect Form (Image swiped from the Phillies Room)

The Perfecto that Halladay pitched in Miami five years ago was the third shutout of the young season for the Phillies Ace. In what is likely a Hall of Fame Career, 2010 may have been Halladay’s career peak. He led the NL in WAR for all players, it was one of four times that Halladay Led his league in Pitching WAR.

That was good enough for Halladay to pick up his 2nd Cy Young Award however The MVP award that season went to Joey Votto. Votto was a member of the Cincinnati Reds Team Halladay No-Hit in game one of the NLDS.

Sources and Links
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1990: Year of the No-Hitter Index

Snapshots: 2015 05 23 Cooperstown Classic

Couple of Pictures from the Cooperstown Classic which was played just down the street from the Baseball Hall of Fame on Saturday May 23rd 2015.

Team Knucksie: Yount, Fingers, Niekro, Baldelli, Trammell, A Soriano, Pudge, B Molina

The teams were broken down loosely into AL and NL squads although the AL Captain was Braves Rep Phil Niekro.

For the Alan Trammell supporters here we have a pix of the Tigers Shortstop at the Hall of Fame.

The Wizards: Smith, Glavine, Steve Woodard, Jack Wilson, E Taubansee, Kerry Robinson, Mark Loretta, John Franco, David Delucci, Ron Cey, Vinny Castilla, Bobby Abreu – Tony Perez Foreground, Baldelli and Trammell background

Apologies to Night Owl, but Ron Cey is shielded here. The Phillies had at least six alums in the game including Abreu, David Delucci and Perez.

Roy Oswalt vs Rick Ankiel
As you can see it was a Beautiful day for a game. Short time Phillies Pitcher Roy Oswalt represented the Astros.
Jim Eisenreich & Bobby Abreu
A pair of Phillies Outfielders at First Base.
Ozzie Smith and Rick Ankiel
 NL Captain Ozzie Smith taking care of some third base coaching duties
Jeff Idelson with Phil Niekro 
HoF Prez Jeff Idelson and Phil Niekro likely discussing Pete Rose’s reinstatement prospects
Vinny Castilla 

Prior to the game there was a Home Run contest which was won by Colorado Rockies Thirdbaseman Vinny Castilla

Aaron Rowand
The Bob Feller award for Game MVP was given to Aaron Rowand who Homered off Steve Avery. For the HOF game Rowand who played a couple of seasons with the Phillies Represented the Chicago White Sox. 

Bob Dernier
Good Guy Award goes to Bob Dernier, although it may not be just because he is fan friendly. Bobby D was the RF ball boy and happened to be next to the stands and signed dozen of autographs between innings.

Quick Notes
–I have never seen a steal of Home in a real Game but saw one at the Classic, Brady Anderson the back end of a double steal.
–Saw two players lose bats into the stands (Ankiel, Homer Bush). That probably should not happen in an exhibition game of this type.
–I am pretty sure Brian Holman’s career ended due to injury and I can see why. It took everything the man had to push the ball 60 ft 6 inches.
–Greg Cadaret who I am not at all familiar with was awful. In a game where the only job for a pitcher is to get the ball over the plate and every pitch is a strike Cadaret could not throw one.
–The Baseball Hall of Fame Jersey is Ugly (see Robin Yount in Pix 1 or Ozzie in pix 2 above)

Sources and Links
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a quick trip to tatooine

with the trade of juan uribe to the braves, i would expect alex guerrero to eventually settle in at third base. at least until hector olivera is ready.  however, most of guerrero’s playing time of late has been in the outfield, since both yasiel puig and carl crawford are injured.
last year, topps included guerrero in many of its sets, and listed him as a second baseman.  that made sense then, but he has yet to play at second in the major leagues.  here are three of those cards, with guerrero turning two to boot.
2014 topps walmart blue

2014 topps chrome purple refractor

and 2014 topps mini pink parallel

notice that the cards show guerrero throwing to first without a lick of grass in sight.  that’s what makes a tatooine card a tatooine card.

here are some others from my mini collection

1994 donruss bobby bonilla

1995 upper deck luis lopez electric diamond parallel

1996 upper deck brady anderson vj lovero showcase insert

2000 topps stadium club bobby abreu

2001 fleer tradition corey koskie

2011 topps carlos beltran

and 2012 topps emilio bonifacio

i am guessing that there is all kinds of mischief one can get into at mos eisley spaceport, so the vegas code probably stands – what happens on tatooine stays on tatooine.  unless you’re luke skywalker bragging about taking out womprats to a group of rebel pilots.

1990 Topps #515 Len Dykstra

Yesterday we featured a card for a no-hitter that almost happened. Today we have a card of the player that foiled the John Smoltz Attempt.

1990 Topps #515 Len Dykstra

Lenny Dykstra broke up the No-Hitter by pulling a double down the right field line. Dykstra would eventually even score to end the shutout as well, but Smoltz held on for the 6-1 victory.

1990 Topps
This is the first Topps Base card to feature Lenny Dykstra in a Phillies uniform. Biggest oddity here is that he is Len rather than Lenny. He is almost always Lenny to me. If I am running off stats in a formal way I may say something like “In 1993 Len Dykstra led the league in both Hits AND Walks, That’s tough to do”.  More typically I would say, “Man I would love to party with Lenny Dykstra sometime, but I fear it would kill me”

According to the Baseball Card Database Topps issued a dozen base cards of Dykstra. He is not referred to as Lenny on any of them. 

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a final word (for now) on memorials

first, let me take a moment to note that today is memorial day. hopefully, we all take some time out of our day to remember those whose service required the giving of their lives.  there have been too many.
many of you know that one of my mini collections is cards that feature memorial armbands or patches.  as an aside, even though the 1999 fleer tradition rod beck card represents the harry caray memorial in my binder, i could not pass up these three sammy sosa cards from 1999 topps stars when i found them in the bargain bin at the lcs a couple of months ago.  here’s harry, comin’ at you!
now, in addition to beck, i’ve got quite a few cards in the memorials binder commemorating uniform tributes to teammates, owners, relatives, team employees, victims of tragedies, and others from 1909 through 2014.  however, try as hard as i might, i have not been able to find cards for many of the memorials.  i’ll use this post to show some of them using images i’ve found online.
this 1925 postcard of walter johnson

shows the big train wearing a black armband for christy mathewson.  both the senators and the pirates wore the armband during the 1925 world series.

this is a photo from 1931 featuring chuck klein of the phillies

he’s wearing a black armband for the team’s owner william baker, who died in december of 1930.  baker was known as a tightwad whose penny pinching led to the team’s fall from pennant winners in 1915 to 15 consecutive losing seasons.

in may of 1950, pirates slugger ralph kiner graced the cover of sport magazine

his jersey features a black armband that the team wore towards the end of the 1949 season for their teammate tiny bonham. bonham had been hospitalized following a game in august, and had surgery to remove his appendix.  unfortunately, he died due to complications from the surgery on september 15.

in 1956, the orioles former treasurer, howard jones, passed away. the team added black armbands to their uniforms as seen on this getty images photo of tito francona

francona is wearing it on his left sleeve, although i’ve seen another photo with it on the right.

i found this next photo online at spokeo while searching for a different armband.

that’s a picture of the angels’ jim fregosi waiting to bat against the yankees in july of 1962.  i couldn’t find any information about the armband, but knowing that the angels were playing in dodger stadium (or chavez ravine as the angels referred to it) that season, i took a chance and asked dodger historian mark langill if he had any information regarding the memorial.  he was kind enough to answer my question, noting that angel manager bill rigney’s father passed away earlier that month, and it was most likely that the armband was worn in the elder rigney’s honor.  langill included a copy of a page from the sporting news that noted rigney had missed the previous series to attend the funeral, but returned in time for the games against the yankees.

in 1964, the houston colt .45’s wore a black armband for teammate jim umbricht.  this is a picture of manager nellie fox’s jersey showing the armband

and here’s a photo of ken johnson pitching with the armband

umbricht had been diagnosed with lymphoma late in 1963 following a season in which he posted a 2.61 era in 35 games.  he passed away in april of 1964, and the team, in addition to the armband, retired umbricht’s number 32.

i mentioned earlier that i found the jim fregosi photo from 1962 while looking for a different armband.  the memorial i was searching for was the armband that the angels wore for during the last homestand of the 1978 season in honor of their murdered teammate lyman bostock.  the closest i could come was this photo of the club

recognizing a moment of silence in chicago the day after bostock was killed.

the dodgers played an exhibition series in japan following the 1993 season, and they added a memorial patch to their jerseys for that series.  you can see just the edge of the black rectangular patch on tommy lasordas jersey in this photo

the patch was worn for owner peter o’malley’s longtime assistant akihiro ‘ike’ ikuhara who first joined o’malley in 1965.  ike was 55 when he died from stomach cancer in late 1992.

in 1995, the a’s lost their owner walter haas, jr. to prostate cancer, and they wore a circular patch with his initials and a dark green armband on their right sleeves in his memory.  here’s a getty images photo of mark mcgwire that shows the patch, but not so much the armband

the armband shows up better on this getty images photo of terry steinbach

haas had been the ceo of levi strauss & company since the late 1950’s, and he bought the a’s from charlie finley in 1980 in order to keep them in the bay area.

across the bay eight years later, in august of 2003, bobby bonds passed away at the age of 57.  the giants, the team for which bonds had played for the first seven years of his career, added a patch with his initials for the remainder of the season.  here’s a getty images photo of bobby’s son barry wearing the patch

i met bobby bonds at a hot stove dinner in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s, and he signed my autograph book for me.  he seemed nice, but the thing i remember most is the crushed velvet shirt he was wearing.

card manufacturers didn’t seem to use many photos from blue jays home games in the late 2000’s.  unfortunately, that meant that i couldn’t find any cards that showed the memorial that the team wore during home games only for their former chairman sam pollock in 2007.  instead, i only have this getty images photo of frank thomas to share

pollock worked for the blue jays from 1995-2000, but was better known for his twenty years as an executive with the montreal canadiens of the nhl. pollock helped to build the habs dynasty from the late 1950’s into the 1970’s, and has his name engraved on lord stanley’s cup twelve times.

also in 2007, the nationals


and red sox

all wore the virginia tech ‘vt’ logo (the nationals wore hats, while the yankees added the logo to their hats, and the red sox put the logo above the red sock patch on their sleeves) in response to the killing of 32 people by a gunman on the university campus on april 16, 2007.  the nats wore the vt hats on april 17, while the yankees wore the logo on may 23.  the red sox wore the logo on april 20, the same day that they wore another memorial.

the green jerseys and caps that the red sox wore that day (here’s another photo featuring david ortiz)

were in honor of the boston celtics’ legendary coach and executive red auerbach, who had passed away the previous october.
another one day memorial was worn by the padres in 2011.  they wore their 1984 throwbacks (minus the ray a. kroc memorial) on july 14, and added a memorial patch for their former manager dick williams who had died a week earlier.  here’s a photo of heath bell from that game

and here’s a better look at the patch which featured williams’ initials,

and was not done in the same manner as the kroc memorial – in order to differentiate the two, i would imagine.  williams, of course, led the padres to their first pennant in 1984, and was elected to the hall of fame thanks to his four pennants, two world series titles, and 1,571 career wins as a manager.

in addition to wearing memorial patches for johnny pesky in 2012, the angels sported the stan musial memorial patch in 2013.  here’s coach alfredo griffin showing the patch

while the angels had no connection to pesky or musial, former cardinal slugger albert pujols considered stan the man to be a friend and insisted that the team wear the patch during a july series with the cardinals. because they were already wearing a patch for their team doctor, lewis yocum, the angels wore the musial patch only on their batting practice jerseys.
also in 2013, the astros wore a patch honoring the houston fire department and the four firefighters who died during a hotel restaurant fire on may 31.  the astros wore the patch, visible in the getty images photo of jd martinez below

for their june 4-6 series only.

the rangers, meanwhile, wore a ‘support west’ patch on their right sleeves on july 5 (seen here in this getty images photo of adrian beltre)

to bring attention to aid efforts for the city of west, texas and the families of the 15 people killed by a fertilizer explosion on april 17.

in july of last season, the a’s held a 25-year reunion for their 1989 world series championship team.  one member of the team, that year’s cy young award winner bob welch, had died at the age of 57 the previous month.  prior to the game, members of the 1989 team each laid a rose on the pitching mound in welch’s memory, and the team added a ‘bw’ patch to their jerseys.  here’s a getty images photo of luke gregerson from that july 19 game

and here’s a photo of welch’s teammates sporting the patch

i am glad that the a’s took time to honor welch during this reunion, and i’m glad that welch won his second ring in 1989 instead of 1988.

so far this season, there have been memorials worn for oscar taveras (cardinals), ernie banks (cubs, royals, yankees), minnie minoso (white sox), al rosen (indians), lon simmons (giants), and sara buck (phillies). whether or not they get posted here, i’ll certainly be on the lookout for those memorials in this year’s update set and next year’s offerings, too.

1976 Phillies SSPC cards

There’s an interesting history behind the 1976 SSPC cards which I’m not going to go into in detail because there’s a pretty good article about them here on baseballcardpedia.com. Although these cards have a copyright date of 1975, they weren’t released until sometime in 1976 and are considered a 1976 set.

As I’ve mentioned here before, I wasn’t a big baseball fan as a kid. Sure, I liked baseball, and since I lived in Philadelphia, the Phillies were my favorite team. But it wasn’t until I was a young adult, around 1971, that I really became interested in baseball and the 1970’s Phillies were my team.

In 1972, the Phillies were pretty sad sack, finishing with a 59-97 record and 6th in the old NL East. But that was their nadir. By 1976, they finished with a 101-61 record. In 1980 they will win the World Series and remain a dominating team for several years after.  They did it with a core of players who were with the team through out much of the decade. To me, these guys are the Phillies.

Of, course, Michael Jack Schmidt was the main guy. He hit 38 home runs with 107 rbis. He walked 100 times and had 705 plate appearances, only Dave Cash, their lead-off guy with 727, had more.

The next main guy is Steve Carlton. He was 20-7 with a 3.13 ERA and 2 shutouts in 1976. Some of the photos in the set are weird. It looks like the photo was snapped as Carlton was walking by. Given his prickly nature, he was probably saying “No photos” as he went by.

With Bowa, it was always about the defense. Sure he was a dependable bat, but you came to see him play shortstop. He turned 90 double plays in 1976.

To Schmidt’s offense you can add 28 home runs, 95 rbis and a .304 batting average contributed by Luzinski.

for some reason, Garry Maddox is missing from this set, so I’m going to cheat and include his Topps cards. Where would the Phillies have been without the “Secretary of Defense”. Can’t you just hear Harry Kalas calling him that?

In 1976, Boone made his first of 3 appearances as a Phillie in the All-Star Game. There were 5 Phillies on that 1976 All-Star team, Dave Cash, Bob Boone, Greg Luzinski, Larry Bowa and Mike Schmidt.  The Nationals won 7-1.

Tug brought his “Ya Gotta Believe” attitude to the Phillies in 1975. Relief pitching was not as important to the game then as it is now. McGraw only had 11 saves in 1976, sharing the closer duty with Gene Garber (who also had 11). But what Phillie phan can forget Tug’s save of the last game of the 1980 World Series?

Another Old O-Pee-Chee Phillies Card

I posted a 1971 Phillies O-Pee-Chee card last week. This week I have a 1976 Phillies card.

The card is a little off center but otherwise in excellent shape. I can barely remember Schueler as a Phillie. He was with the team from 1974-1976, first as a starter then a reliever. He was 16-20 with 4 saves with the Phillies.

Here is his 1976 Topps card.

Other than the French and the lighter card stock, there’s no real differences in design. Unlike the 1971 O-Pee-Chee, this one does say OPC instead of TCG next to the “Printed in Canada”.

I like the funny little Hank Aaron trivia cartoon. I don’t have that many 1976 Topps cards but it looks like the cartoons had absolutely nothing to do with the player or team on the card.

age of ultra

no superheroes here, just humble baseball players on some fleer ultra cards.
here’s a 1999 fleer ultra chan ho park
the latter years of ultra feature some nice photography, as evidenced by jeff shaw’s card

which features dodger stadium and the three sisters in the background.

a less scenic part of dodger stadium is in the background of antonio osuna’s card

but we get charles johnson (i believe) in the foreground

mark grudzielanek is on the road on his card

but ismael valdes is back at home on his

in addition to lots of dodgers and dodger stadium cards, ultra has contributed many double plays to my collection. here are a few that i haven’t shown before

2001 fleer ultra edgar renteria

i hope renteria was successful in his giant twin killing

speaking of giants, here’s a 2002 fleer ultra rich aurilia card

jeff kent can only stand and watch

2004 fleer ultra orlando cabrera

nice to see the expos now and again

2004 fleer ultra marcus giles

most of the marcus giles dp cards i have seem to show him horizontal.  must not have been much of a jumper.  like placido polanco

or michael young

this is a 2004 fleer ultra update card of giant prospect brian dallimore

who is being taken out by juan pierre.  hopefully dallimore got some lessons in sliding runner evasion from double play professional ray durham, seen here on a 2005 fleer ultra card

it’s too bad that fleer went under – we could use more ultra these days.

Random Cards From My Collection #75

Card #39942
2003 Just Prospects #2 Josh Anderson

Comments on the card/player: These used to be pretty common in repacks and that’s where I got this card in 2013. Anderson was the Astros 4th round draft pick in 2003 and eventually had a 3-year career with the Astros, Braves, Tigers and Royals.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.04/card for a 100-card Fairmont repack in 2013.

Card #31660
1991 Donruss #536 Jose Canseco

Comments on the card/player: Canseco had his second highest home run total of his career in 1991, with 44.
How/When acquired: Don’t know.

Card #4963
2005 Classic Clippings MLB Game Worn Jersey Collection #31 Omar Vizquel

Comments on the card/player: Vizquel played for 24 years and won 11 Golden Gloves.
How/When acquired: From back in the days when nearly every blaster box came with a relic. Paid $0.32/card for blaster box of Classic Clippings on 5/1/05.

Card #5121
2004 Topps #344 Albert Pujols/Todd Helton/ Juan Pierre

 Comments on the card/player: I always liked the design of these leaders cards from 2004 Topps, especially the backs.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.26/card for a blaster of Topps in 2004.

Card #32008
2012 Topps Heritage #269 Justin Morneau

Comments on the card/player: From 2006 through 2009, Morneau averaged 117.5 rbis per season. He hasn’t had more than 84 in a season since.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.30/card for a blasters of Topps Heritage in March 2012.

Card #10323
2008 Topps Opening Day #9 Ken Griffey Jr.

Comments on the card/player: These cards were red, scarlet, vermillion, crimson, ruby, cherry, cerise, cardinal, carmine, wine, etc.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.16/card for a blaster in March 2008.

Card #4252
1998 Upper Deck #246 Kevin Brown

 Comments on the card/player: Commemorating the first no hitter of 1997. Brown was 16-8 for the Marlins in 1997, helping to lead them to the 1997 World Series win.
How/When acquired: Don’t know.

Card # 9254
1989 Topps Traded #54 Ken Howell

 Comments on the card/player: In early December 1988, the Dodgers traded Howell to the Orioles for Eddie Murray. A few days later, the O’s traded Howell to the Phillies for Phil Bradley. The Phillies then signed Howell to a 4-year, $4.7 million dollar contract. He was 20 and 19 in his first 2 years with the Phillies but injuries ended his career after the 1990 season.
How/When acquired: Don’t know.

Card #13884
2009 Topps 206 #284 Alexei Ramirez

 Comments on the card/player: The front of these cards were OK, but the set is ruined for me by the identical fake stain on the back of each card.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.44/card for a hobby box in December 2009.

Card #5613
2001 SP Legendary Cuts Game Jersey Tommy Holmes

 Comments on the card/player: I love this card. Holmes mostly played for the Boston Braves in the 1940’s. I love that this is a swatch from a woolen uniform.
How/When acquired: Paid $4.66 in May 2005 from eBay.

card show stuff

it’s been over a month since wallet card and i went to the semi-annual regional card show, and i still haven’t shown off the other cards i bought and scanned.  like this 1951 bowman don newcombe card

it’s nice that the ‘bull pen’ is labeled and that curious george’s man in yellow is watching newk warm up from the stands.

i picked up a card for my 1965 topps set, and it features three hall of famers

say hey! the giants must have had a pretty good team in 1964 with all that power (plus juan marichal and gaylord perry on the mound).  well, they won 90 games but were 4th in the national league, 3 games back of the pennant winning cardinals.  the dodgers were two games under .500, but bounced back pretty well in ’65.
i also grabbed a card for my 1957 topps set for a buck – don mossi
i won’t mention the ears.
from the dime binder, a 1982 topps sticker of pedro guerrero
showing his co-mvp form in the 1981 world series
the rest of the stuff comes from the dime boxes, and they were brimming with junk wax. i took some new to me double plays, like this 1993 donruss spike owen
1993 leaf ricky gutierrez

1994 leaf jose lind

1995 leaf carlos baerga

and 2001 fleer tradition marlon anderson

a little something for pretty much every facet of my collection!

Game Report 2015 0516: DiamondBacks @ Phillies

An hour-plus rain delay could not spoil the fun for team Phungo as we got to see a 7-5 victory for the good guys who ran their win streak to four games.

This may not have been a great game for a bunch of reasons but there was a lot of offense.


Jeff Francoeur 2015 05 16

The Phillies had Francoeur in Right and Grady Sizemore in left. Ryne Sandberg had not paired those corners with Odubel Herrera in the outfield prior to Saturday night, The way things worked out it may happen more often in the future. Frenchy had a home run and Sizemore had his first four hit game since 2008

In the above photo that is former Reading Phillies farmhand Tuffy Gosewisch wearing the tools of ignorance.

Jerome Williams 2015 05 16

I wanted to get a decent shot of Williams and the pink glove that he wears to honor his mother and her battle with cancer. 

Archie Bradley 2015 05 16

I had been checking the probables in anticipation of a potential start by Archie Bradley. Aside from seeing a Phils W my game priorities are seeing opposition stars and buzz worthy prospects.

Saturday night was Archie Bradley’s first start since being struck by a line drive on April 28th.

During the rain delay a bunch of fans wearing Bradley jerseys took shelter near my spot on the rail. I got involved in a short conversation with Archie’s uncle. About a dozen family and friends had made the journey out from Bradley’s native Oklahoma to see his return. They all seemed very nice and enjoyed the trip despite the young pitchers tough outing.

Yasmany Tomas 2015 0516

The Diamondback Cuban rookie Yasmany Tomas had a good game which included his first career Home Run.  However at the eye test level I felt as if he was a bit of a free-swinger. I am not sure if he is going to make it by swinging at the first pitch in every AB. He also appeared to have an issue communicating on the bases – At some point early in the game when Tomas was on 2nd base it was obvious he was having communication issues with a coach on the bench.  

2015 05 16 Maikel Franco

The D-Backs were not the only team sending out prospects on Saturday Night. Phillies Rookie Maikel Franco, who got  a look last September, made his 2nd start of 2014 and collected his first hit.


Jim Cramer acknowledges crowd prior to ceremonial first pitch 2015 0516

Philadelphia native and host of Mad Money Jim Cramer threw out the first pitch for the game. Perhaps he was trying to get a card in the Topps First Pitch Insert.

2015 0516 Citizens Bank Park

While it is tough putting up with a rain delay, it can still be fun to watch at a stadium. Most folks don’t have this type of view of rainstorm at their disposal and Saturday night’s rainfall was pretty epic. It is hard to see it in a picture, but in the shot above I did try to capture the sheets of rain migrating across the field.

I never played baseball above Little League, therefore I am no authority but IMO the D-backs looked AWFUL on their cutoff formations. At least twice I thought they would have had a play at second had they had a player covering.

Jerome Williams was able to resume pitching after the rain delay which was officially listed as 1 hour and 17 minutes.

Freddy Galvis can foul off a pitch. Not sure if he will hit .340+ all year but the fact that he can battle with 2 strikes is a nice asset to have.

Apparently AZ reliever Brad Ziegler was drafted by the Phillies. This is something I either never knew or had forgotten

We have noted this before but it is worth reiterating – No matter how bad the Phils team is there will be a solid tailgate crowd. 

Source and Links
Chase’s Calendar of Events

2015 Phillies WAR Projections Maikel Franco Phungo #7

Now that we have  almost reached the 15th of May Maikel Franco can start his rookie year.

2015 Phungo #7 Maikel Franco

Do to MLBs weird rules involving rookie status and free agency Franco will soon join a group that includes Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, Austin Hedges, AJ Cole, Carlos Rodon and others. They are all making their Major League debuts this season or being held up an extra few weeks because they debuted in September of 2014.

After a hot start The Phillies opening day 3rd baseman, Cody Asche has gone cold. It appears Franco will become the everyday player and Asche will join the sketchy group of Phillies outfielders. 

2015 WAR 
Maikel Franco has been hitting well at AAA this season but he struggled in 58 plate appearances last year. When he does get called up he will be one of the 10 youngest players in the NL. I am thinking Franco will get enough playing time to get a glimpse at who he will be as a major leaguer and I think he will make positive contributions. Mark him down to +1.5 WAR in 2015.

Sources and Links
2015+ Phillies WAR Projections  
2015 Phungo Cards


2015 Bowman – Full Review

I gave a sneak peak of Bowman the other day. I bought 2 blasters and value pack. This yielded 193 cards, of which only 8 were duplicates. Let’s review!

2015 Bowman #101 Greg Holland

This is possibly my favorite card of those I got. You hardly ever see cards featuring pitchers fielding and I don’t ever remember seeing such a pitcher defensive play before. What a great photo.  Anyway, this card shows the various features. Notice the full-bleed printing around most of the card. The left side has the block with the players name and white corners. Team colors are used as highlights in various spots (the player’s name block on the front an back, the lower corners on the back, even the card number).

Topps has apparently said that this would be a 2-series release although nothing on the packaging indicates this is a first series. The set is short, only 150 base cards, compared to 220 last year.

2015 Bowman #117 Mike Napoli

Mike Napoli with Cylon eye wear.

The last 30 cards in the set are labeled rookie cards.

2015 Bowman #149 Jake Lamb

As usual for Bowman there is the 150-card Prospects set.

2015 Bowman Prospects #20 Adrian Sampson

Note that they reversed the design for the Prospect cards. About half of the cards I got are labeled as “1st Bowman”.

There are an astonishing number of parallel sets.

2015 Bowman Silver #61 Starlin Castro

 Note that the upper and lower left corners are not white, and the rest of the border is tinted. I wouldn’t quite describe it as silver but that’s what it’s supposed to be. These are serial numbered to 499.

2015 Bowman Silver Ice #49 Jake Arrieta

I think this “Ice” holographic effect is pretty cool. The scan looks pretty cool as well but doesn’t really look much like the actual card.

2015 Bowman Prospects Yellow #93 Justin Nicolino

The yellow parallels are only available for the Prospect cards. These come in the 3-pack value packs and are not serial numbered.  Notice that the full-bleed portion of the border is tinted yellow.

2015 Bowman Chrome Purple Refractors #133 Trey Ball

As usual Bowman also includes the Chrome versions of the Prospects cards. I pulled one of these, numbered to 250. For some reason, the Purple cards borders are colored all the way around, and in two tones.

The other parallels are Black (numbered to 1), Blue (150), Gold (50), Green (99), Orange (25), Purple (250), Red (5), Red Ice (5), Purple Ice and White Ice (1). Good luck!

2015 Bowman Prospects Autographs Silver Alex Balog

I did manage to pull an auto, and not just an auto, but the Silver (numbered to 499) version. I don’t know who this guy is but I hope he’s the next Nolan Ryan. The autos are on stickers.

Let’s not forget the mini cards.

2015 Bowman The Farm’s Finest Minis Maikel Franco

I think they are calling this effect “shimmer refractor”. Every Phillies fan is all a-flutter waiting for this guy to be called up from the minors. Out of 193 cards this was 1 of only 3 Phillies cards. I got no Astros at all.

These come in several flavors. I pulled a green one, numbered to 99.

2015 Bowman The Farm’s Finest Minis Green Shimmer Refractor Clint Frazier

1971 O-Pee-Chee

I’m pretty familiar with O-Pee-Chee cards from the 1980s and early 1990s. If you don’t know, OPC was a Canadian company that produced Topps cards in Canada. The sets were generally the same as the Topps set each year, except that the OPC cards often had the O-Pee-Chee logo and English and French on the backs. I’m much less familiar with OPC in the 1970s.

I went looking for 1971 O-Pee-Chee Phillies cards on eBay. I was hoping to find a team set but the cards were being sold individually and some were pricey (more expensive than then equivalent Topps cards. I believe they are considerably rarer that Topps which would account for the higher price.  I decided to get one now and wait awhile for the rest.

1971 O-Pee-Chee #49 Don Money

As a comparison, here’s Money’s 1971 Topps card.

There is literally no difference between them, except for the centering

Here are the backs.

The backs are not the same. I’ve always liked 1971 because of the floating head in a box on the back. O-Pee-Chee puts the floating head in a star-burst in the center. I like that more. The O-Pee-Chee color is also more attractive. All the text from the Topps card is on the O-Pee-Chee in English on the right and French on the left.

I also acquired a 1976 Phillies O-Pee-Chee card which I’ll share a little later.  I’m gonna have to get some more of these.

What surprised me is that no where on the card does it reference “O-Pee-Chee” or “OPC”. The copyright line on the O-Pee-Chee card says T.C.G (Topps Chewing Gum) just like the Topps card does.

Random Cards From My Collection #72

Card #45759
2014 Bowman #115 Troy Tulowitzki

Comments on the card/player: I still haven’t decided if I like the weird roots or veins on this Bowman design.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.28/card for a couple of blasters from Walmart in May 2014.

Card #8824
1994 Stadium Club #503 Kim Batiste

Comments on the card/player: The front of this card could be used for a Christmas ornament.
How/When acquired: I don’t know but I probably got it new.

Card #43884
1990 Fleer #204 Dwight Gooden

Comments on the card/player: DID YOU KNOW? Only the ninth teenager to play for the Mets. According to baseball-reference.com he was 19.143 years old on his debut, just barely a teenager.
How/When acquired: I don’t know but I probably got it new.

Card #47229
2014 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #52

Comments on the card/player: Probably my least favorite year for Goodwin Champions. The Bus had a 10-year career as a running back starting in 1993. He was just elected to the Hall of Fame.
How/When acquired: Paid $.45/card for two blasters from Target in August 2014.

Card #11925
1987 Topps #21 Mark Davis

Comments on the card/player: Mark was the Phillies #1 draft pick in 1979. He played for the Phillies, Giants, Padres, Royals, Braves, Phillies again, Padres again and Brewers in his 15-year career.
How/When acquired: Don’t know

Card #43947
2006 Bowman Chrome Refractors #34 Kevin Youkilis

Comments on the card/player: Youk, not very popular in New York, signed a $12,000,000 with the Yankees for the 2013 season. Back surgery in June put him out for the season, which I’m sure made him even less popular. He signed a $4,000,000 contract to play in Japan for the 2014 season but only played 21 games before plantar fasciitis ended his season. He announced is retirement in October 2014.
How/When acquired: Paid $1 at a card show in December 2013.

Card #37613
1991 Upper Deck #508 Dave Gallagher

Comments on the card/player: The orientation of the back photo in this set sometimes yielded weird results.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.04 for 100-card Fairfield repack in March 2013.

Card #3831
1994 Triple Play Nicknames #7 Mark McGwire

Comments on the card/player: And now you know why the A’s sometimes use an elephant.
How/When acquired: Don’t know but I probably got it new. Yes, I was buying Triple Play in 1994.

Card #26671
2011 Topps Gypsy Queen #266 Daric Barton

Comments on the card/player: The debut year for Gypsy Queen. Topps should have made it a one-off.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.44/card for 4 rack packs of Topps Gypsy Queen in May 2011.

Card #3449
1992 Stadium Club Dome #181 Kevin Stocker

Comments on the card/player: Although copyrighted in 1991, this 100-card set came out well into 1992. It came packaged as a factory set in a plastic model of the Toronto SkyDome, now called the Rogers Stadium, where the 1991 All-Star game had been played. It was pretty rare. 
How/When acquired: Don’t know, but probably at a card shop or flea market later in the 1990s.

SNAPSHOTS 2015 05 08: Mets @ Phillies

As a fan it is tough to watch a bad team, but if you look hard enough there are appealing games on the schedule. Friday Nights was one of those:

-It was a Friday Night, a good opportunity for a worker bee like myself to get to a game
-The weather was favorable
-The Division Leading New York Mets were in town
-And there was a Big Time Pitching matchup, Matt Harvey vs Cole Hamels


2015 04 08 Cole Hamels

Cole Hamels was the Ace that won out this time. He held the Mets to four hits and a manufactured run through seven innings. The Phillies southpaw recorded 8 Ks against 2 walks. The bullpen did the rest, Ken Giles perfect inning, Papelbon recovers from a leadoff single with a couple of Ks and a line out.

Freddy Galvis and Dilson Herrera 2015 05 08

The Offense was led by Freddy Galvis who had 3 hits and a couple of stolen bases along with Ryan Howard who had a pair of RBIs including a solo Homer

Matt Harvey 2015 05 08

Prior to Friday night’s start Harvey had handled the Phillies pretty easily. His night wasn’t bad just not as dominant as prior outings. Three runs over six for the Dark Knight, one of those runs was pretty much scored by Freddy Galvis’ legs in the first inning. Freddy singled, stole 2nd, and came home on a Ryan Howard ground single when Galvis was attempting steal third.


Cole Hamels vs John Mayberry Jr 2015 05 08

Beautiful Night for a ballgame, nice to get a W vs a quality starter.

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WAR Stories 2015 Projections: Darin Ruf

Today our 2015 WAR Projections turn to Darin Ruf

2013 Topps Heritage Chrome #HC98 Darin Ruf/Tyler Cloyd (refractor/purple)

Darin Ruf is a First Baseman, trouble is the Phils are already paying somebody $25MM dollars to play that position. He can also play outfield, trouble there is the Phillies are trying to figure out if any of their younger players can play those positions.

That leaves Ruf as a man without a position. He has shown some signs that he can hit if given the opportunity. And in 2015 Ryne Sandberg has moved forward and started Ruf as part of a platoon at first base. I think by the end of May if Ryan Howard doesn’t show he can return to some sort of form that Darin Ruf may see a larger role at first.

2013 Heritage
This is a purple refractor which likely originated as a bonus in a Toys R Us Rack. I picked it up in a trade package from Cards on Cards. Once again we must talk about position, not sure why Topps went with the general position of infield for Ruf. He has always been either a first baseman or corner outfielder outside of a couple of games at 3B, but not enough to declare IF for his position.

Darin Ruf is moving into his prime hitting years, position-wise to this point he has always been moving around. I See him sticking as 400 PA first base/OF player this year but not contributing much more than a replacement level play +0.5

Sources and Links
2015 Phillies WAR projections

Domonic Brown ON the Ballot but OFF the Roster

There are a couple of these every year, Players on the All-Star Ballot but not on a Major League Roster. This year one of them represents the Philadelphia Phillies

2013 Topps Update #US309 Domonic Brown All-Star

And there is your proof that despite wretched numbers a player like Domonic Brown can indeed be an All-Star and earn an All-Star card. 

For a variety of reasons Dom Brown finds himself back at AAA for the start of the 2015 Season. The demotion is a pretty big statement when you consider how poor the Phillies Offense has been this year.

Dom’s big month in May of 2013 earned him both a trip to the All-Star and the burden of high expectations. He hasn’t come anywhere near that sort of success since. Part of Brown’s issues is that he has no mentionable skill beyond hitting, He is a mediocre fielder at best and a poor runner. Therefore he has to hit to contribute, unfortunately I am not sure if that will ever happen.

From what I understand this year they will not have paper ballots at games, which is probably the right thing to do, but it brings me a little sadness. I always enjoyed mindlessly punching holes in the ballots during the middle innings.

The use of e-ballots makes one wonder if it would have  been possible to include some player other than Brown on the ballot. Granted the ballots have to be done in advance, but now it is a week rather than months in advance as it was during the paper ballot era.

Of course in the Phils case the options are not very exciting, Jeff Francoeur and Grady Sizemore aren’t any much more ballot-worthy than Domonic Brown. 

Sources and Links

Baseball Card Evolution – 1996 (Gregg Jefferies)

I didn’t buy much Bowman in 1996, even though it retrospect, it’s one of my favorite Bowman sets of the decade. I only had 2 players where I had a card for each set, both Phillies. Since I’m kind of tired of Lenny Dykstra, here’s Gregg Jefferies.

Bowman – Stage 6

Donruss – Stage 6

Being at Stage 6 doesn’t mean that your card is attractive. The placement of that foil box makes it look like Jefferies has run full tilt into an obstacle.

Fleer – Stage ?

1996 Fleer is hard to fit into my classification. It’s got all hallmarks of a Stage 6 card, white card stock, full bleed printing and foil, but it’s not got a glossy finish.  It’s a classy looking card however.

Score – Stage 4

There’s nothing terribly wrong with this design except it’s a bit complicated and a bit boring at the same time.

Topps – Stage 5

I always thought that the little insert was a bit weird.

Upper Deck – Stage 6

A little too much gold foil perhaps, but a nice design.

The Carlton Battery Card 1982 Fleer #632

Last nigh we discussed HoF catcher Cartlon Fisk. Today we transfer from one Carlton, Fisk, to another, Steve.

1982 Fleer #632 Steve & Carlton Carlton & Fisk

This is a fun card from 1982 Fleer – their second set after returning to the baseball card market in 1981.

The Photo was taken at the 1981 All-Star Game in Cleveland. Due to a players strike the game was not played until August 9th. The game reintroduced the second half of the baseball season which in 1981 was played as a split season.

Steve Carlton made the All-Star team but did not play in the game. Fisk started behind the dish for the AL and went 1-3 with his hit coming off of Burt Hooton.

1982 Fleer #632 Steve & Carlton Carlton & Fisk (b-side)

The flip side gives some brief details on the two Hall of Famers and the ASG. It also contains the “Carlton Battery” term which I ripped off for the title of this post

1982 Fleer Stars Subber
The Carlton Battery card is one of 19 star cards towards the end of the 1982F (#628-646). These are the cards that would basically become the Super Star Special subset in 1983.

I was curious if the picture on this card might be a photo taken by Steve Babineau. He was a Fleer Photographer who took a lot of pictures at the Vet for the brand. He was interview by Baseball Cards come to Life here. I found no evidence this was one of Babineau’s photos but the interview is a fun read.

Sources and Links 
Phungo Steve Carlton HoF Index
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Sunday Night Baseball – Yankees @ Red Sox: Carlton Fisk

With the Yankees @ Fenway for SNB we take a look at Red Sox Hall of Fame Catcher Carlton Fisk

1975 Topps #80 Carlton Fisk (mini)

Carlton Fisk played 11 of his 24 seasons with the Red Sox. He was a member of their 1975 squad that took the Reds to seven games in that years very exciting series. His Home Run in game 6 of that series is when of the most discussed in the history of the game.

“Pudge” was not a one hit wonder,

The unanimous selection for AL Rookie of the Year in 1972 was an 11 time all-star, he cranked out 376 Home Runs (3rd among Catchers behind Johnny Bench and Mike Piazza) on his way to winning 3 Silver Slugger Awards and a Gold Glove.

He returned to the Postseason one other time with the 1983 White Sox with whom he spent the second half of his career. He was inducted in the Hall in 1990 on his second ballot.  

1975 Topps #351 Bob Boone
1975 Topps #80 Carlton Fisk (mini)

Carlton Fisk played baseball at one of the games most grueling positions until past age 45. He hung around long enough to break Bob Boone’s record for career games caught. The record game occurred on June 22 1993. It was Carlton Fisk’s last career game. He went 0-2 with a sacrifice.  The last man to pitch to Fisk was Alex Ferrnandez.  

1975 Topps
There are many reasons that 1975 Topps is one of the classics, The design is colorful and instantly recognizable. One of my favorite details is the All-Star flair. Unlike the Rookie Cup which often remains unchanged for years Topps comes up with a new All-Star logo most releases.

Most years it is some sort of added icon. In 1975 it is a Star where the player position is located. Off the top of my head this is the only year that the AS Logo flat out replaces a design element.

I have presented FIsk here with the Previous Catching Games Record Holder, Bob Boone. I paired the two cards mostly to display the size difference for the mini, but we also get to see both record holders along with the AS flair compared to the vanilla Baseball Position log.

Both Fisk and Boone have been surpassed in the games caught ladder by Ivan Rodriguez (HoF Eligible 2017) 

Check My Math
If my count is correct this is the 3rd time the Yankees have been on Sunday Night Baseball, while the World Champion San Francisco Giants have yet to be featured.

Phungo Carlton Fisk HoF Index 
2008 Donruss Threads Century Collection Materials #CCM-37 Carlton Fisk (92/100)

Sources and Links
SABR bio by Brian Stevens

Players in the Dugout

If you think about it, players spend a lot of time in the dugout. Even a regular player probably spends 40% of the game in the dugout. A bench warmer probably spends 90% of his time there. So it’s not surprising that there are lots of cards featuring players in the dugout. For one thing, it’s an easy place to find a player when he’s not moving around too much. How do players spend all that time?

2011 Topps Update #220 Adam Dunn

They can wave at the fans.

1985 Fleer #254 Al Holland

They can brag about something. I’m not sure what Holland is bragging about. Maybe it’s that he can hold 3 baseballs in one hand.

2014 Topps #625 Albert Pujols

They can glare at the photographer, and by extension, at us.

1994 Topps #700

They can hide in the shadows. Barry Bonds has nothing to hide, does he?

1993 Fun Pack #133 Ben McDonald

They can chart pitches.

1995 Topps #343 Craig Grebeck

They can work on their equipment.

1996 Score #153 Curt Schilling

They can worry.

1995 Score #209 Darryl Strawberry

They can sulk.

1984 Fleer #242 Dave Smith

They can let their hair down.

1992 Upper Deck #534 Eric Karros

They can have a good time.

And with the 10th pick the PHILLIES Select……

Tyler Green

1992 Topps #764 Major League Draft Pick Tyler Green

At least that is who they selected back in1991 the last time they had the 10th overall pick. The Phillies will pick in the same spot in the upcoming 2015 draft and with that in mind today we are going to take a look at the history of the MLB #10 pick.

Despite the fact that Tyler Green was an All-Star for the Phillies in 1995 the pick has to be considered a disappointment.

At the all-star break in 1995 Green was 8-4 with a 2.81 ERA, unfortunately he would not win another game that season. He finished at 8-9 with a 5.31 ERA. Three years later Green pitched his final game at the age of 28.

His final career was a -0.5 (32nd among draftees that made the majors) and below replacement level.

WAR stories
Of the 47 players drafted #10 between 1965 and 2011 thirty-nine made the majors (83%), Tyler Green is among that 83%, however he is not one of the 25 players (53%) who had a positive career WAR. 16 of the players have had Career WAR of 8 or above (34%). Eleven Players hit 20 or above (23%).

The Best career WAR among #10 Picks belongs to Mark McGwire (62.0), There is no #10 pick in the Hall of Fame however arguments could be made for  Robin Ventura (55.9) and Ted Simmons (50.1) who are both current Hall of Stats members.

If we were too look at Tyler Green positionally in the draft, There were 14 Pitchers taken #10,  only 4 broke the +8.0 WAR barrier (28%), but the Nationals Drew Storen is lurking at +5.3

Notable active players from the #10 club include Giants Pitchers Tim Lincecum (22.5 WAR) and Madison Bumgarner (17.6). The most significant position players among actives are Cameron Maybin and Jason Castro.

1991 Draft
Among first rounders the Big name that the Phils missed out on by Drafting Tyler Green was Manny Ramirez (Drafted 13th). There were six pitchers in the 1991 draft that all achieved 20+ WAR in their careers, All were picked after Green, Brad Radke (45.5 WAR drafted by the Mariners, pick 206) topped that group which included former Phillie Jon Lieber (24.3, Mariners, 241)

It also should be noted that this is the draft that the Yankees picked Brien Taylor #1 overall. Taylor never played in a major league game. 

Phillies 2015
So what does this all mean?

Well first off the Phillies need to do better with their 2015 pick than Tyler Green. He may have been an All-Star, but his contributions beyond that were negligible.

Baseball-Ref defines +2.0 WAR as a starter and +5.0 as an all-star.

The +8.0 at #10 is an interesting barometer. 1/3 of the players break that plane and it also equates to four seasons as a starter. That isn’t All-Star caliber but the player could be a useful piece on a playoff team. The 20 WAR mark could be looked at as a dozen years of starting or a couple of all-star seasons flanked by 3 or 4 years of steady work. The Phillies have roughly a 1 in 4 chance of finding that player.
Draft Mania
We are in the middles of the NFL draft mania, an annual event that generates significant Off-Season buzz for the league. The MLB draft doesn’t do as well for a variety of reasons, it is in-season, The Collegiate exposure of draftees is minimal at best, Picks are not tradeable, and the players are too far away from the majors.  MLB also does little to promote the event. Why not have at a public venue and invite fans to the festivities with Baseball Alums and autograph opportunities. Seems like a promotional no-brainer.

Sources and Links
Hall of Stats

who wants to deal for vintage?

despite acquiring and posting some pretty nice vintage stuff lately (here’s a 1953 bowman color billy herman card that i picked up on the cheap),

i am still in need of quite a bit.  and, since i not too long ago pared down my sampler vintage topps sets to just dodger team sets, i’ve got a lot of spare vintage.  so, why not make a trade?

now, i realize that dodger cards from the 1950’s sometimes command a pretty penny. i’m not suggesting that you trade me a 1952 topps roy campanella card for a 1954 bowman fred baczewski, but you are certainly welcome to if you’d like.  what i’m offering is a minimum of five-for-1 vintage deal.  my top priority here would be the 1955 topps card that i’m missing.

that would be ed roebuck, because i’ve recently obtained the joe black,

clem labine,

and gil hodges

cards from the set.

i find it interesting that the cartoon on the back of hodges’ card

is pretty much the same as the one on the back of jackie robinson’s 1953 topps card – the subject, anyway.  i guess topps figured that kids would forget that nugget of information within a couple years’ time.

i found the hodges online, and picked up the black and labine cards at the card show i went to recently.  when i told the dealer i was working on a 1955 topps dodger team set, he said ‘hey – just like rocky.  you know, the kid from the movie ‘mask”.  i did not know, as i had not seen that movie.  a quick check of imdb does indeed show that the character was working on a ’55 topps dodger team set, and while i need ed roebuck to complete the set, he needed rube walker.

anyway, i’ve updated my 1950’s want list, and added it below.  i’ve also updated my nefarious 9 list on the sidebar.  even though there are some decidedly modern cards on the nefarious 9, i’m willing to trade vintage for them – say a minimum of 3-for-1 for the non-vintage nefarious 9 needs.

here’s how it works.  you find one of the cards listed below from your collection, on ebay, comc, sportlots, or uncle bill’s attic and let me know that you’d like to trade.  i’ll send you a minimum of five cards from the 1950’s (or 1960’s if you prefer) in exchange. we can work out specific teams or cards if you prefer.  again, if you have a high-dollar card from my list, the bounty would be higher.  condition is not too much of an issue, although the labine above is probably as bad as i’d want to go on some of these cards.

here’s the list of cards i need from the 1950’s:

1950 bowman – 21 reese, 22 robinson, 23 newcombe, 58 furillo, 59 branca, 75 campanella, 76 barney, 77 snider, 112 hodges, 113 hermanski, 166 hatton, 167 roe, 194 cox, 222 morgan, 223 russell, 224 banta

1951 bowman – 7 hodges, 31 campanella, 32 snider, 56 branca, 80 reese, 117 miksis, 118 roe, 189 palica, 190 hatton, 260 erskine, 299 king

1951 topps red and blue backs – blue 42 edwards, blue 48 cox, red 16 roe, red 38 snider

1952 bowman – 8 reese, 44 campanella, 128 newcombe, 224 schmitz, 240 loes

1952 topps – 1 pafko, 20 loes, 36 hodges, 51 russell, 66 roe, 188 podbielan, 198 haugstad, 250 erskine, 273 palica, 314 campanella, 319 walker, 320 rutherford, 321 black, 326 shuba, 333 reese, 342 labine, 355 morgan, 365 lavagetto, 377 dressen, 389 wade, 390 nelson, 394 herman, 395 pitler, 396 williams

1953 bowman black & white – 26 roe, 52 branca, 60 cox

1953 bowman color – 14 loes, 46 campanella, 117 snider, 124 dressen, 129 meyer, 145 shuba

1953 topps – 76 reese, 134 walker, 255 howell, 258 gilliam, 263 podres, 272 antonello

1954 bowman – 10 erskine, 58 reese, 90 campanella, 122 furillo, 138 hodges, 154 newcombe, 170 snider, 186 meyer, 202 shuba, 218 roe

1955 topps – 195 roebuck

and you can see a sampling of the cards available for trade by checking out these posts and looking at the non-dodgers in them.  here are some other cards from 1953 and 1954 that would be available as well.

what say you? can you help a blogger out?

SNAPSHOTS 2015 04 25: Braves @ Phillies

2015 0425 Citizens Bank Ballpark at Sunset (click to enlarge)
The Phillies hosted the Division Rival Atlanta Braves this past Saturday Night. Despite a terrific start by David Buchanan and a rare Home Run by Ryan Howard the Phils took the loss 5-2.

Despite the outcome and the cold, it was a pretty nice night for a game, picturesque sunset photo above.


 2015 0425 David Buchanan

Buchanan had struggled in three 2015 starts, but Saturday Night was different. He didn’t allow a hit until the 5th inning and took a 1-hit shutout into the 7th. Unfortunately he couldn’t make through that 7th inning and Jake Diekman couldn’t help him out.

2015 0425 Ryan Howard

Despite the Loss, Buchanan’s start is a positive as was Ryan Howard who had a 2 run homer and looked good in other ABs. The rest of the Phillies offense accounted for zero runs and looked worse that that. Phillies personnel have spun Chase Utley poor start at the plate as bad luck despite good contact. For me there was no evidence of this on Saturday night, Utley had 4 unimpressive ABs.

2015 0425 Shelby Miller

For six innings Buchanan was the better pitcher, but Shelby Miller didn’t let this phase him. In his fourth start as a Brave Miller put up six innings allowing only 3 hits including Howard’s two run homer. Miller has been steady for the Braves getting 5+ innings in every start and now allowing more than 2 in any of them.

2015 Topps Gypsy Queen #48 Shelby Miller

Not sure but this may be Miller’s first card as a Brave, picked it up in a Rack Pack a few weeks back.

2015 0425 Andrelton Simmons

Typically known for his defense Andrelton Simmons showed up with his bat on Saturday night and spoiled David Buchanan’s shutout with a line drive home run to lead off the seventh.

Stray Observations
***When Jake Diekman came in to pitch the infielders segregated into two groups. I know that they are geographically separated but it defnitely felt like the Howard/Utley and Asche/Galvis weren’t interested in hanging out together.

***Freddy Galvis resurrects memories of former Steelers (and Eagles) QB Bubby Brister. He goes down with what appears to be a major injury and lays on the turf. Then 10 minutes later he is up and returning to the field. 

***I have never seen a player take his fielding as seriously as Andrelton Simmons. After his BP session he took his Shortstop position for repeated grounders with his motor running at a much higher rate than I have seen from other players.

***Shelby Miller was having trouble hitting the right side of the plate during his bullpen warm up. I think this may have carried through to the game, but the Phillies failed to take advantage.

***Jason Grilli gets it, he appeared to be involved in a healthy bit of interaction with the fans prior to the game.

***The Phillies attendance may be down inside the ballpark, but that hasn’t hurt the crowds in the tailgate lots. I get to games really early and I was amazed at how many folks were already in the lots.

Sources and Links

2006 Topps, Kenny Lofton

#97 Kenny Lofton

Here is the fifth and final card that I got signed by Kenny Lofton last year at the College World Series. Kenny signed at the Capitol One tent and, for some reason, there was a much smaller crowd there than at the main signing area at the AT&T tent. Because of that, I was able to go through the line three times. I could have gone through more, but I ran out of cards.

Here are the previous cards that I posted.

Minor League card




Even with the addition of this card of Kenny with the Phillies, I am still missing some of the teams he played on. I do not have signed cards of him as a Brave, White Sox, Giant, Pirate, Cub, Dodger, or Ranger. Kenny sure got around over the final few years of his career.

With the Phillies, in 2005, Kenny had a really good season. He hit .335 with 22 stolen bases. That was the second highest batting average he ever had for a season. His best average took place eleven seasons earlier while with Cleveland.

Kenny played in the playoffs every season except for one from 2001-2007. The one season he did not appear in the postseason was his year in Philadelphia.

The First 10% of 2015 or Is There Hope? (Phillies Edition)

I read something fairly depressing today at The Good Phight.  The Phillies, as a team, are hitting like Steve Jeltz.  For those of you don’t keep track of light-hitting shortstops of yesteryear, he was the Phillies shortstop from 1985-1989 (more or less).  His best single season OPS was .694.  He once had a season (in 148 games) with a slugging percentage of .237.  He is now remembered for three things: his hairstyle, being born in France, and hitting a home run from each side of the plate in this crazy game in 1989.  I listened to that one on the radio since the game was probably aired on  the cable station Prism and therefore, inaccessible.

This brings us back to today’s version of the Phillies….their lineup is bad and has only a slight possibility of getting better.  Their starting pitching has a duct-taped rotation and is performing reasonably well, which may or may not continue.  Their bullpen is also adequate with some breakout potential.  Unfortunately, baseball is a game of wins and losses predicated on run differentials…it is hard to win if you hardly ever outscore the opponent.  It is very difficult to rely on a 1-0 or 2-1 result every evening.  It’s also hard to hit under .200 for the season with runners in scoring position, though it seems like they’re going to try.

(On a side note, for all this stressing about fundamental baseball, I have not seen sloppier play on both sides of the ball in years….it looks like there’s a cloud above this team, and not the cumulus kind.  It’s one of those mind sucking clouds that bombards you with trivia while you go about your daily business, and then threatens to zap you if you get a question wrong….that must be it, their bodies are threatened from the astral plane and are unable to concentrate on catching the ball or deadening the bat to put a bunt down…..)

It might sound like there’s no hope, but there always is…..until Memorial Day at least for this fan.  And then again until July 4….ok, I will hope until Labor Day…..irrational dreaming and all that.

Let’s see what could happen with some of the major players on the team this year.  Since we’re 10% of the way through the season (give or take), it’s easy projection from this point out because we all know a baseball season and player performance is completely linear and will never, ever deviate from that path that started on Opening Day (not true).

Ryan Howard: 
Current Status: First baseman of record and symbol of the decline of all civilization. .526 OPS, 1 home run, 5:1 K:BB ratio.
Future Linear Projection: 10 home runs, 40 RBIs, too many Ks.
To Change the Future: Must become a platoon player at this stage of his career, though his batting splits from last year until now are worrisome. Also, breathe-right strips, lots and lots of those.
On the Card Side: This card is awesome!  I love 2012 National Treasures!  That’s my next thesis topic.

Cole Hamels: 
Current Status: Embattled ace who caught a mini home run bug, needs to seek the old man by the fire in Legend of Zelda to be cured. 0-2 with 3.75 ERA, 8.63 K/9
Future Linear Projection: 0-20 with 230 K in 240 innings
To Change the Future: Pitch as you always have this year, besides W-L record, the rest can turn….also invest in cloud seeding to lower atmospheric pressure.
On the Card Side: This card is from the first set of Topps Tier One, 2011.  It is so memorable I spent the last three minutes looking up which year it was from.

Ben Revere: 
Current Status: Left fielder who makes cameos in center. Had one great outfield assist this year, matching a pre-arranged quota with the telecom industry. .472 OPS, 4 SB and 3 3B 
Future Linear Projection: .172 BA, 40 SB, 30 3B, and 60 R.
To Change the Future: Must bat in leadoff and start shoulder strengthening exercises.  Can only hit slow rollers to 3rd base to artificially inflate batting average
On the Card Side: This is a 2007 Tristar Prospects Plus auto back when he was just drafted.  It’s interesting that he was one of the players from the set that made the majors.

Chase Utley: 
Current Status: 2nd baseman slumping due to the presence of the cursed necklace of Antioch. .450 OPS, 2 HR, 9 RBI
Future Linear Projection: 4 home runs, 36 RBIs, a lot of grit.
To Change the Future: He needs to rest every 5th game at this point in his career and also block out the distractions of losing.  He must channel every utterance of “Chase Utley is the man” by a fan or announcer into a double or turned double play.
On the Card Side: 2012 Bowman Ice sparked a parallel revolution in the Bowman line, portending the wave and bubble editions.  I was lucky to pull this out of a blaster.  Notice there was no necklace in this photo.

Carlos Ruiz: 
Current Status: Catcher of pitches and framer of strikes.  .482 OPS, 0 HR, 1 RBI.
Future Linear Projection: 0 home runs, 10 RBIs, 1 extra base hit by luck.
To Change the Future: Must visit the Louvre this year to practice proper framing and also needs to make more solid contact, line drive percentage is a thing.
On the Card Side: This card is from one of those confusing issues of the mid-2000s.  First look, it’s a 2006 Upper Deck purple parallel….first look at a checklist says no, there are no purple parallels.  Instead it’s 2006 Upper Deck Special F/X, which is a 1000 card counterpart to 2006 Upper Deck! Like Topps Chrome except impossible to collect.

Well, that was more depressing than I intended.  I should try to say something positive…..Cut the camera, it’s time for a bagel.

Topps Ignores All Named HUDSON and Swag from Thorzul Will Rule:

Was in a recent Multi-Sport Group Break run by Thorzul Will Rule.

2012 Topps Chrome #HP94 NL Pitching Leaders

This is a nice one for us Phillies fans as we begin the 2015 season with so much dread. The card serves as a reminder of the good old days way back in 2011 when the Phillies had a rotation so stacked that Cole Hamels was relegated to #3 starter behind Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee.

Topps packed this League Leaders card with SIX bobbing heads to match the design of the original 1963 Topps #7 NL Pitching Leaders Card. The trouble is that the NL had a 3 way tie for 6th plays in Wins in 2011. Zack Geinke, Daniel and Tim Hudson all had 16 Wins.

Topps decided to go with six heads rather than stopping at 5. Greinke got the floating head and the Hudson’s got snubbed.

An oddity in all this is that the Original 1963 Topps League Leaders cards each had 5 players with the exception of ties: The aforementioned card #7 and Card #4 AL Home Runs leaders.  For Heritage Topps had to decide to either A) Echo the original six heads and snub two players or B) go with the default 5 head design and ignore the oddity of the original set.

I think the wrong decision was made. I would have gone with 5 rather than put myself in the position to pick and choose which player gets on the card.

Another observation is that on the original 1963 LL cards, the player in the center was the overall Leader. On this card Topps either elected to or accidentally place the pitchers in order from top left to bottom right. Ian Kennedy led the league in Ws, while our hero Roy Halladay finished 3rd.


2012 Topps Chrome #HP94 NL Pitching Leaders (b-side)

There’s your proof of the double Hudson Snub. Both players sit there at 16 Wins with Zack Greinke on the back of the card. 

Hoop and HandEgg
This was a four sport break, I had the Vikings and Celtics in the break. I think my Hockey team may have been the Flyers, but it doesn’t matter here as like the 2014-15 Flyers we came up emtpy on the ice. 

2002 Donruss Gridiron Kings #GK-8 Daunte Culpepper

I have seen a handful of Vikings games, I am pretty sure Culpepper is the QB I have seen most.

Bigtime violation on Donruss’ part here as the Kings part of the Gridiron Kings flair overlays the artists’ signature.I did some hunting around to identify the snubbed artist but was unsuccessful.

2008 Topps Baskeball #160 Chrome Kendrick Perkins (#d 61/288)

2008 Topps baseball was a disaster for a variety of reasons. The shame of it is that there is  a distinct design with the carnival letters however  there were at least two big missteps. 1) The photography for the set was abysmal and 2) The Topps logo being placed Top Center made for ridiculous cropping issues.

By the time the Basketball set was issued Topps had corrected the logo issue by moving it to the lower right. Additionally the Hoop Photography is an improvement over baseball.

Fleer Game Time Michael Bennett (#d 712/2001)

I have a minor college cards collection which this Michael Benntte card will fit into nicely. The design on this Fleer card looks like somebody tried to modernize 1956 Topps and failed miserably.

Sources and Links
Trading Card Database

where in the world is my wallet card? – it wasn’t at mardi gras…

the junior junkie has had his wallet card on display recently, enjoying the revelry that is to be had in new orleans, while my wallet card was in my wallet.  so, i let my 1974 topps steve garvey card hang out amongst the bounty that tj sent my way recently as part of his monster mailday.

a bit of vicarious living, if you will.

there were some beads, two blocks of cards and a couple of msa discs in the package. here are some of the non-dodger highlights.

double plays!

1992 classic best robert eenhoorn

this card is fantastic. a minor league dp, from a guy named eenhoorn, and with a expo minor leaguer who is wearing a generic expos jersey with the team’s name instead of his own on the back.

also from 1992 classic best, here is jose olmeda

and a guy named carey sliding in.

1992 donruss mickey morandini

yes, tj sent me a card from the 1992 donruss set and i am glad for it!

1994 topps stadium club rey sanchez

1998 upper deck alex gonzalez

this card features a double play turn on the front…

and the back!

1999 pacific damion easley

not as nice as his 1996 pacific card

2004 upper deck bj upton

you know you play in a crappy stadium when the area upper deck chooses to highlight is the sign for the party area.

2008 upper deck first edition wilson betemit

hard to believe that betemit was at one time a dodger.  speaking of dodgers, there were a few of those int he package, too.  i’ll show some of them later to prove it.

Memories……Leaf Memories

“Memories, light the corners of my mind; misty water color memories of the way we were”

It’s unfortunate that the Phillies have a look of the teams from my childhood. The 1988-1990 Phillies were not that pleasant a team to watch, but don’t tell that to the younger me.  There were highlights and Leaf took it upon itself to recreate the memories of this team by foil stamping the cards from 1990 Leaf for its 2012 Leaf Memories set.

Don’t get me wrong, as with any season, there are reasons to remember.  I think I got excited when Don Carman didn’t walk a batter in an inning and when Juan Samuel hit a triple.

Looking back at the cards, it’s remarkable how poorly that logo ages.  I do miss the maroon hats sometimes, even though the day game uniforms today trump almost any of the looks that they’ve had over the years.

In time, we will look back at the names of Galvis, Herrera, Buchanan, Rupp as they were in their most favorable time as a Phillie, which probably (and hopefully) isn’t 2015….because that would mean improvement.  It would also mean some shrewd moves by the future front office (for example, turning Chris James into

In terms of the various foil stamping, silver means /20, gold means /5, and red means /1…..because it can.  I think I’m missing three cards to have at least one version of the team set; the curse of being a completist continues.  (This must be some type of AMA certified illness).

Let’s see what the dark corners of my mind dig out when glancing at these balanced inspired and dreary memories.

Steve Lake was the backup catcher for a few seasons in there.  He mostly played on weekends probably, so I didn’t catch many of his game performances.  Closest comp to the 2015 roster: Cameron Rupp

Carmelo Martinez was only the team for half a season.  I think I remember him hitting a grand slam as a Phillie.  Closest comp to the 2015 roster:  Jeff Francoeur

Terry Mulholland pitched the first ever no-hitter by a Phillie at Veterans Stadium on August 8, 1990.  He was also a key member of the 1993 Phillies.  What a great trade that was in 1989.  Closest comp to the 2015 roster: Cole Hamels (de facto ace)

Randy Ready was the progenitor of the only triple play I saw live.  I remember it was against San Diego in 1991 or 1992.  Closest comp to the 2015 roster: Cesar Hernandez

Jeff Parrett was somebody who I was confused about as a kid.  How could he have so many wins compared to the starters?  If that was the case, why didn’t he pitch more so the Phillies could get more wins?  Closest comp to the 2015 roster: Luis Garcia (he has a win)

Darrel Akerfelds entered the bullpen and replaced some non-favorites like Todd Frohwirth.  I always felt like he was decent middle of the bullpen guy.  Closest comp to the 2015 roster: Justin DeFratus
Bruce Ruffin was one the wildest pitchers I remember (not counting Mitch Williams).  It must have all the wild pitches I remember happening.  Closest comp to the 2015 roster: David Buchanan
Well, I guess it could have been worse.  Memories are funny things.

“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2015 Philadelphia Phillies – Phillie Phanatic Opening Day Pin

 photo 2015philliesopeningdaypin_zpsebaxjpuo.jpg

Its becoming more and more difficult to watch the Phillies.  And I’m a big Phillies fan.  They’re experts at getting hits with two outs, and leaving men in scoring position.  They do it all the time.  Their starting pitchers constantly give up home runs early in the game.  Sometimes they do this with the very first pitch.  And Ryan Howard.  Don’t even get me started on him.  I can see why no team wanted to snatch him up.  I could very easily stand at the plate and do what he does.  He should be in the A.L. as a DH.  The Phillies have been in a steady decline ever since winning the 2008 World Series.  Signing these older players to such long contracts is one of the main reasons why the Phillies are in their current state.  I hate to tell you this Ruben, but players don’t get better with age.  We need this rebuilding phase to be over with ASAP.

As for this pin.  The Phillies had these for sale in the Majestic Clubhouse Store on Opening Day.  From what I’ve read, it was a Citizens Bank Park exclusive only made for Opening Day.  One pin sold for $33.00.

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