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Fathers Day – 1976 Topps #67 Father & Son Ray and Bob Boone

 For Father’s Day the Philies have a number of things going on including a book signing with Bret Boone promoting his new book “Home Game”. Bret is of course the son of former Phillies catcher Bob Boone. Bob is also the son of a Major Leaguer, the…

WAR and the Draft: Phillies 2016 Pick 1-1

The Last time the Phillies had the #1 Overall Pick they selected Pat Burrell. A few months ago we looked at the #1 Pick and what a team should expect from the player. I felt as though Burrell was a successful pick but I am not so sure I would say the p…

1972 Ticketron Phillies Don Money

Brewers @ Phillies Weekend continues and so does Don Money Weekend. A few weeks ago I got a great package of cards from the Phillies Room. In addition to some terrific ToppsNow cards that Jim sent over he also included a bunch of oddball Phillies.1972 …

25 Years Ago: Tommy Greene 1992 Score #426 No-Hit Club

We have reached 25th anniversary of the No-Hitter authored by the Phillies own Tommy Greene.  1992 Score #426 No-Hit Club Tommy GreeneGreene Shutout the Expos 2-0 in Montreal. The game was Greene’s second start of the season and only the 15th of h…

2016 Topps #2 Jerad Eickhoff

My latest obsession with recent Topps has been combing Getty Images and finding the pictures that are on the cards. Tonight with Jerad Eickhoff scheduled to be on the mound facing the Marlins we have chosen to feature a card with a photo of him&nb…

2013 Phungo #66 Tommy Joseph

Quick Posting to note the Major League Debut of Tommy Joseph 2013 Phungo #66 Tommy JosephI knew of Tommy Joseph for a little prior to his trade into the Phillies organization. He was one of the more noteworthy players at the AA All-Star game held at Re…

2016 Topps Perspectives #P20 Ryan Howard: Catch or No Catch?

It has been out for what 3+ Months now and we are returning to our look at 2016 Topps.One of the more favorably received inserts in 2016T is the Perspectives set. A 25 card insert with a photography focus. It sort of gives flagship collectors a glimpse…

2016 Panini Diamond Kings – The base cards

I picked up a blaster of Diamond Kings at Walmart late last week. I debated buying two but I’m sort of glad I didn’t. I was a big fan of the early 2000’s Diamond King sets (especially 2004). I didn’t think Panini could do better.I did a little searchin…

Indians @ Phillies 15th overall picks Chase Utley and Tyler Naquin

Found an interesting card for this weekends Indians Phillies Series.  2012 Bowman Draft Top Picks #TP-UN Chase Utley Tyler Naquin Chase Utley was once paired with the Indians Rookie Center Fielder, Tyler Naquin in a Bowman Draft Insert set. T…


Inspired by Night Owl Cards Prince Memorial last week we have a few Phillies Purple Cards.1975 Topps # 574 Tony TaylorIn deference to NOC we open with a 1975T card that has a Purple top. The Phillies had purple cards in Flagship even in years when…

1976 ASG +40: Bob Uecker 1967 Topps
The Phillies make their annual trip to Milwaukee over the weekend which gives us the opportunity to roll out one of my favorite vintage commons.

1967 Topps #326 Bob Uecker

No Bob Uecker did not play in the 1976 All-Star game. By the time the Bicentennial rolled around His career was over by almost a decade and as you may suspect the Career .200 Hitter never did play in an All-Star game.

Bob Uecker did make it to the All-Star game as a part of the broadcast team for ABC Sports. He worked alongside Warner Wolf and Pirates announcer Bob Prince.

Warner Wolf and Bob Uecker on ABC Broadcast of 1976 ASG

For the broadcast Bob Uecker drew the AL Assignment, In his pregame comments he singled out Yankees Catcher Thurman Munson and Rangers Shortstop Toby Harrah as statndouts, However the player the was really looking forward to seeing was Mark Fidrych.

The follow up question from lead broadcaster Warner Wolf was about how Uecker liked to spend his All-Star Break. The reply was pure Self-Depracating Bob Uecker

“Well what I used to do was load my catchers equiment into my car rent a motel room for three days lock myself in and scream my head off because I didn’t make it again. “

I should note that it is not entirely correct that Uecker was never an All-Star….

1967 Topps #326 Bob Uecker (b-side)

According to the second -toon on the back of the card Uecker was an All-Star selection in 1961. There is something in error here, as in 1961 Bob Uecker played for the Louisville Colonels of the Ammerican Association not the NL.

Bleacher Seats
For more on Bob Uecker and this card (his last as an active player) check out the 1967 Topps Baseball Posting.

Sources and Links
1976 All-Star Game Index
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YouTube – 1976 All-Star Game

ANNIVERSARY: April 17 1976 Mike Schmidt 4 Home Run Game

Missed a Phillies anniversary yesterday and wanted to correct that error today. Special thanks to @HighHeatStats for mentioning the event last night or else I would have completely bypassed the occasion. 2008 UD Baseball Heroes #138 Mike Schmidt  …

Vincent Velasquez

In the off-season, the Phillies traded their promising closer, Ken Giles to the Astros for 4 players. One of those players was Vincent Velasquez.Valasquez started his 2nd game of the season, today, April 14. He was incredible.  He managed to throw…

1992 Donruss Rookies – Part 1

My collecting goal this year is to beef up my past year’s Phillies collections. Sort of at random, I’ve been working on 1992. I needed 7 (of the 10) Phillies cards in the 1992 Donruss Rookies set and couldn’t locate them on eBay. But I did find the ent…

2016 Topps #133 Aaron Nola (rc)

Aaron Nola didn’t earn the Opening Day start for the rebuilding 2016 Philadelphia Phillies. That honor rightfully went to veteran Jeremy Hellickson.Nola did earn the #2 spot in the rotation.2016 Topps #133 Aaron NolaThe nice thing about getting the b-s…

1976 All-Star Game +40: Sparky Anderson 1978 Topps #401

With the Phillies in Cincinnati for Opening Day it gives a chance to look at the leader of the NL All-Star Squad and manager of a Reds squad that placed seven players on the 76 squad.1978 Topps #401 Sparky AndersonGeorge Lee “Sparky” Anderson earned th…

Sparky Anderson HoF Index

This is an index of our postings related to Hall of Fame Manager Sparky Anderson1978 Topps #401 Sparky AndersonThe best HoF Bio among our postings is probably the 1978 Topps Card which discusses Anderson as part of our series on the 1976 All-Star Game….

2016 Topps MLB Wacky Packages – Again

I threatened another post on this and here it is. Since the blaster box, I bought 4 rack packs and the Phillies related cards and the Astros card I didn’t have on eBay.Philadelphia cheese steaks are, of course, a Philadelphia institution so this was a …

All-Stars aren’t the only players relegated to Short Print Hi# cards in 2016 Heritage

On Tuesday night we mentioned all the All-Stars that are part of 2016 Heritage, but have their cards relegated to the harder to find Hi Number series. With 31 of the 75 Hi#s dedicated to the ASG participants there remains 44 slots for other players. 20…

Happy Trails Randy Wolf

We got the news that Randy Wolf announced his retirement last week. The southpaw will turn 40 later this summer and had a fine 16 year career. It does bring a bit of sadness to Phungo HQ as he was always a house favorite.2003 Fleer Tradition #U256 Rand…

1976 All-Star Game Index – 40th Anniversary Series

This is an index of our postings related the 40th Anniversary of the 1976 All-Star Game which was held in Philadelphia. 1977 Topps #30 Greg Luzinski (NL All-Star)1976 Bicentennial ASG IndexBob BooneLarry Bowa – 1975 Topps #420 Dave CashGreg Luzinski – …

NEW FEATURE 1976 All-Star Game 40th Anniversary: Greg Luzinski – 1977 Topps #30

Annually we here at Team Phungo attempts to put a year long feature dedicated to a single team. Past editions of the Phungo Annual have included the 1964 and 1983 Phillies as well as a feeble attempt at the 1915 NL Pennant Winners last year.This year w…

1998 First Overall Pick Pat Burrell

Last week the Broncos Superbowl Winning QB Peyton Manning officially announced his retirement.We are taking this moment to take a look at a Phillies outfielder that has something in common with Mr Manning.Pat Burrell1999 Topps Stadium Club #151 Pat Bur…

Phillies Stadiums of Old

Who’s up for a change of pace from obituaries? I know I am.Here are 2 of my 3 Danbury Mint models that I unearthed recently. Years ago my uncle gave me one of Yankee Stadium, then I later bought these two.Connie Mack Stadium (? – 1970): I went to…

Hello Grapefruit League: 2016 Topps #68 Odubel Herrera

Taking a break from the recent run of Vintage Card postings to note the beginning of spring training play.2016 Topps #68 Odubel Herrera2016 Topps #68 Odubel Herrera (Gold #d 1308/2016) Pitchers and Catchers have been in camp for a couple of weeks …

Card Show Report: Valley Forge 2016 02 27

Just a couple of highlights from this weekend’s Card Show at Valley Forge. 1951 Bowman Eddie WaitkusCard collecting wasn’t dead at the Valley Forge convention center this weekend. It was very alive – or at least Autograph Chasing was. Much of the large…

Checklist 2011 Phungo

This is the checklist for 2011 Phungo Cards  2011 Phungo #1 Roy HalladayThe Checklist will hopefully be added at a future date.

2016 Topps first Phillies Card: #237 Carlos Ruiz
There are two Phillies on the current roster that were on the 2008 World Series Championship team Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz.

2016 Topps #237 Carlos Ruiz

The first Phillies Card we pulled from 2016T was this nice looking one of Carlos Ruiz. The emphasis on action shots has been great for catchers. In a run of pitching and batting photos the pictures of catchers often stand out – and this one is not an exception.

In fact this may end up being the best catcher card in 2016T S1. There are bigger catchers like Buster Posey but I will take this shot over any I have seen. 

Guess What Day it Is

One issue I have with the tight shots in recent Topps is it makes it hard to play “Guess the Game”. Many of the pictures give so few clues as to the location that they could be anywhere, a ballgame, a studio, or on Mars.

However, we now have access to Getty Images!

For me scouring Getty for the matching picture isn’t as much fun as identifying an opposing player in the background and cross-referencing their game dates to figure out the exact moment a photo was snapped. Regardless after a little searching we were able to find the matching image on Getty. The Photo of Ruiz was taken during a Phillies Yankees contest on June 24, 2015. It was a 10-2 Phillies loss which was typical of last years squad. Ruiz caught Cole Hamels that day and went 0-4.

The photo may have been taken in the 2nd inning of the game on an attempted sacrifice by Didi Gregorious. Unfortunately for Carlos Ruiz and the Phillies Gregorious did better than a sacrifice as he reached first on the bunt and was credited with a single. Ruiz only had one assist in the game and it was later in that 2nd inning as part of a 5-2-5-1 rundown which put out a runner from third base (who happened to be Gregorious). Judging from the angle of the shot and Ruiz’s posture, I am guessing this is not during the run down.

Those are the two possibilities I see in the Play by Play. Outside of the recorded PxP a third possibility is that Ruiz is fielding a ball that was ruled foul. 

According to Getty the Photo was shot by Jim McIsaac, a busy sports photographer who appears to specialize in Hockey and be an avid bobblehead collector.

Sources and Links
2016 Topps Index
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Instagram @FourStanleyCups (Jim McIsaac)
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Philly Show February 26 – 28

The Philly Show returns to Valley Forge this weekend.

1991 Topps #603 Wes Chamberlain

For autograph hunters this edition of the show is stronger for football fans than baseball. Saturday is for the Grid Iron Heroes including Jeremiah Trotter and Brian Dawkins with the Big name being Hall of Famer Deion Sanders.

Sunday features a couple of reps from the Phillies 1993 NL Pennant Winners including Kevin Stocker, Danny Jackson, Tommy Greene, Jim Eisenreich and Wes Chamberlain (above)

1991 Topps

Chamberlain was a rookie when this 1991T card was released thus the profile shot. The bat knob appears to specify “48”, while his Jersey sleeve looks like either “2” or a number in the 20s. As a major leaguer Chamberlain’s Phillies numbers were 31 and 44. 


1991 Topps #603 Wes Chamberlain (b-side) 

Just wanted to post the back of this early Wes Chamberlain card for the text, a one line statement that notes Chamberlain was the Eastern League MVP in 1989.  

This piqued my interest a bit more than usual because Jim Salisbury just published an article on the Most recent EL MVP Brock Stassi, who happens to be in the Phillies current spring camp. Stassi had a great year but at age 26 he is a bit advanced in age to still be considered a prospect. Couple that with the fact that he is a Left Handed hitting first baseman in the Phillies Org and it is pretty easy to see that his future with the club is pretty cloudy.

Regardless Brock Stassi is a 33rd round draft pick on a 40 man roster with a possible chance to make a big league roster. That is overcoming some long odds.

Philly Show Discount
This likely doesn’t mean much if your going to blow a couple of hundred bucks at the show, but if you can find a copy of a Friday or Sunday Philly Inquirer they often have a dollar off coupon.

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Checklist 2012 Phungo

This is the Checklist for 2012 Phungo 2012 Phungo #1 Harry Kalas (checklist upcoming someday) 

2014 Heritage the Originals: 1965 Topps Index

This is an Index to our posting related to 2014 Heritage and the set it homages 1965 Topps   1965 Topps/2014 Heritage Index    Base – #534 John Herrnstein  Rookie Cup – #460 Dick Allen  Rookie Stars – #282 Dick Estelle &am…