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2017 Hall of Fame Canidate: Pat Burrell

Today we take a look at the most prominent Phillies player on the 2017 Hall of Fame Ballot, Pat Burrell. 2009 UD A Piece of History Box Score Memories #BSM-PB Pat Burrell For close to a decade Pat Burrell was fixture in the Middle of the Phillies batti…

Philly Show returns to Valley Forge this weekend.

The Philly Show is back in Valley Forge this weekend. Busy times at HQ right now, Not sure if team Phungo will be able to make the trek.1971 Topps #49 Don MoneyI hope I get there as both of my favorite dealers are scheduled to be at the show. If anyone…

1979 TCMA 50’s Cards – Phillies

My good friend B always finds some nice baseball cards for me for my birthday. This year was no exception.In 1979, TCMA seemed to primarily release minor league sets, but also produced this 291-card TCMA 50’s set, noted on the back as being from the “B…

Stars of the 1960s: Johnny Callison

Here’s the start of a new series on this blog – “Stars of the 1960s”. (It’s basically a ripoff take-off of Wrigley Wax’s “All I Have of Him” series.) Johnny Callison was one of my favorite players on my hometown Phillies back in the 1960s. I sta…

1976 ASG +40: Dave Cash

Things been busy here at Phungo HQ and I sort of abandoned our 1976 All-Star Game series around the time of the games Anniversary in July. I wanted to get to all the HoFs and Philllies in the game this year and will do my best to clean up the rest of t…

Topps Now #362: Thanks Phillies Room!!

I am sending out a big Thank You to the fine crew over at the Phillies Room.All season long Jim has has been keeping his eye out for Phillies Topps Now cards. He has been picking them up in bulk and passing along a card to Phungo HQ. 2016 Top…

Game Report: 2016 09 12 – Pirates 2 @ Phillies 6

The Phillies turned another page in their 2016 rebuild during Monday Night’s 6-2 victory over the struggling Pirates. Not one but two of their prospects crossed milestones: Jorge Alfaro made his Major League Debut and Roman Quinn got his first hom…

2016 Bowman Platinum

This is not a bad looking set, if you like foil-board cards. I don’t particularly so I don’t buy much of this product. Topps didn’t produce a 2015 set and I can’t say I missed it. The 2016 set is only going to be available at Walmart for some reason. I…

SNAPSHOTS: 2016 08 30 Nationals 3 @ Phillies 2
Just a couple of pictures from the most recent Team Phungo trek to the ballpark, a 3-2 loss to the Division leading Nationals.

2016 0830 Max Scherzer vs Cameron Rupp @ Philadelphia PA

The Phillies may look ugly on the diamond but the field still can look nice.

2016 0830 Max Scherzer vs Ryan Howard @ Philadelphia PA

The Phillies didn’t have many highlights in the game. Both runs came courtesy of a Ryan Howard Homer. The above in the above shot is not the from the Home Run AB, this is the Bottom of the 5th – one of two times when Howard Struck Out.

2016 0830 Max Scherzer

The Star of the night was Max Scherzer who took a no-hitter into the sixth and struck out 11 over eight innings. As a batter he also successfully executed a suicide squeeze to give the Nats their third run – which ended up being the difference in the game.

I am Pretty happy with this photo as it sort of captures the oft mentioned differences of Scherzer’s eye color

2016 0830 Jerad Eickhoff

The Phillies starting pitcher, Jerad Eickhoff, fought through some early control issues and was able to give the club six innings. If it weren’t for a misplayed fourth inning fly ball by Aaron Altherr in the fourth inning, Eichoff may have left the game deadlocked 2-2 with the Nats and Scherzer. 

2016 0830 Trea Turner

Nats Rookie Trea Turner is having a good season. The outfielder had a pair of hits on Wednesday boosting his average to .344.

Familiar Faces

 Ben Revere

Jayson Werth

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1967 Phillies Photos

I just found these in my house a few weeks ago. I bought them at the ballpark in 1967, and they have been in a folder in my desk since the 1970s (along with some old baseball card catalogs which I will be posting in the near future). Here are 6 stars …

Game Report: Dodgers 15 @ Phillies 5 – Chase Utley Returns

There are things you expect – Chase Utley Getting a Standing Ovation, and there are things that your happy to see but don’t really expect – Chase Utley’s Ovation extends for a second beat, and he needs to settle the fans so the game can start or Chase …

Phillies Prospect Matt Imhof Injured

Yesterday we got the news that Phillies Pitching Prospect Matt Imhof suffered an eye injury due to a freak accident during a post game workout. 2014 Bowman #DP45 Matt ImhofImhof was the Phillies 2nd pick (#47 overall) in their 2014 draft whic…

Fathers Day – 1976 Topps #67 Father & Son Ray and Bob Boone

 For Father’s Day the Philies have a number of things going on including a book signing with Bret Boone promoting his new book “Home Game”. Bret is of course the son of former Phillies catcher Bob Boone. Bob is also the son of a Major Leaguer, the…

WAR and the Draft: Phillies 2016 Pick 1-1

The Last time the Phillies had the #1 Overall Pick they selected Pat Burrell. A few months ago we looked at the #1 Pick and what a team should expect from the player. I felt as though Burrell was a successful pick but I am not so sure I would say the p…

1972 Ticketron Phillies Don Money

Brewers @ Phillies Weekend continues and so does Don Money Weekend. A few weeks ago I got a great package of cards from the Phillies Room. In addition to some terrific ToppsNow cards that Jim sent over he also included a bunch of oddball Phillies.1972 …

25 Years Ago: Tommy Greene 1992 Score #426 No-Hit Club

We have reached 25th anniversary of the No-Hitter authored by the Phillies own Tommy Greene.  1992 Score #426 No-Hit Club Tommy GreeneGreene Shutout the Expos 2-0 in Montreal. The game was Greene’s second start of the season and only the 15th of h…

2016 Topps #2 Jerad Eickhoff

My latest obsession with recent Topps has been combing Getty Images and finding the pictures that are on the cards. Tonight with Jerad Eickhoff scheduled to be on the mound facing the Marlins we have chosen to feature a card with a photo of him&nb…

2013 Phungo #66 Tommy Joseph

Quick Posting to note the Major League Debut of Tommy Joseph 2013 Phungo #66 Tommy JosephI knew of Tommy Joseph for a little prior to his trade into the Phillies organization. He was one of the more noteworthy players at the AA All-Star game held at Re…

2016 Topps Perspectives #P20 Ryan Howard: Catch or No Catch?

It has been out for what 3+ Months now and we are returning to our look at 2016 Topps.One of the more favorably received inserts in 2016T is the Perspectives set. A 25 card insert with a photography focus. It sort of gives flagship collectors a glimpse…

2016 Panini Diamond Kings – The base cards

I picked up a blaster of Diamond Kings at Walmart late last week. I debated buying two but I’m sort of glad I didn’t. I was a big fan of the early 2000’s Diamond King sets (especially 2004). I didn’t think Panini could do better.I did a little searchin…

Indians @ Phillies 15th overall picks Chase Utley and Tyler Naquin

Found an interesting card for this weekends Indians Phillies Series.  2012 Bowman Draft Top Picks #TP-UN Chase Utley Tyler Naquin Chase Utley was once paired with the Indians Rookie Center Fielder, Tyler Naquin in a Bowman Draft Insert set. T…


Inspired by Night Owl Cards Prince Memorial last week we have a few Phillies Purple Cards.1975 Topps # 574 Tony TaylorIn deference to NOC we open with a 1975T card that has a Purple top. The Phillies had purple cards in Flagship even in years when…

1976 ASG +40: Bob Uecker 1967 Topps
The Phillies make their annual trip to Milwaukee over the weekend which gives us the opportunity to roll out one of my favorite vintage commons.

1967 Topps #326 Bob Uecker

No Bob Uecker did not play in the 1976 All-Star game. By the time the Bicentennial rolled around His career was over by almost a decade and as you may suspect the Career .200 Hitter never did play in an All-Star game.

Bob Uecker did make it to the All-Star game as a part of the broadcast team for ABC Sports. He worked alongside Warner Wolf and Pirates announcer Bob Prince.

Warner Wolf and Bob Uecker on ABC Broadcast of 1976 ASG

For the broadcast Bob Uecker drew the AL Assignment, In his pregame comments he singled out Yankees Catcher Thurman Munson and Rangers Shortstop Toby Harrah as statndouts, However the player the was really looking forward to seeing was Mark Fidrych.

The follow up question from lead broadcaster Warner Wolf was about how Uecker liked to spend his All-Star Break. The reply was pure Self-Depracating Bob Uecker

“Well what I used to do was load my catchers equiment into my car rent a motel room for three days lock myself in and scream my head off because I didn’t make it again. “

I should note that it is not entirely correct that Uecker was never an All-Star….

1967 Topps #326 Bob Uecker (b-side)

According to the second -toon on the back of the card Uecker was an All-Star selection in 1961. There is something in error here, as in 1961 Bob Uecker played for the Louisville Colonels of the Ammerican Association not the NL.

Bleacher Seats
For more on Bob Uecker and this card (his last as an active player) check out the 1967 Topps Baseball Posting.

Sources and Links
1976 All-Star Game Index
1967 Topps Baseball
YouTube – 1976 All-Star Game

ANNIVERSARY: April 17 1976 Mike Schmidt 4 Home Run Game

Missed a Phillies anniversary yesterday and wanted to correct that error today. Special thanks to @HighHeatStats for mentioning the event last night or else I would have completely bypassed the occasion. 2008 UD Baseball Heroes #138 Mike Schmidt  …

Vincent Velasquez

In the off-season, the Phillies traded their promising closer, Ken Giles to the Astros for 4 players. One of those players was Vincent Velasquez.Valasquez started his 2nd game of the season, today, April 14. He was incredible.  He managed to throw…