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2017 Cactus League Pocket Schedule
Sent for the 2017 Cactus League Pocket Schedule.
I collect those because, of course, the Angels play in the Cactus League.
I’ve sent a SASE every Spring Training for the last 7 years.
Always exciting to get that SASE in the mail to see the new design logo for the Cactus League.

This years design is kinda boring.

Plain vanilla.
I mean it’s nice and all, but doesn’t compare to logos of the past.
You’ll see what I mean in a minute.
For starters, you have to look hard to see the cactus, namesake of the league, there atop the AZ.
There’s another ghosted image somewhere in the vanilla background.
See if you can spot it.

Now compare the 2017 to those from past seasons.
Wow, some really nice designs, I can clearly see cacti in most of them.
And just look at all those Arizona-type colors.
Vanilla melts in Arizona.
Vanilla is not an Arizona color.

 You can see that I have a continuous run of Cactus League pocket schedules since 2010, one from 2006, and I think I also have a 2003, so I need fillers for all those missing years.

Any other Cactus League Pocket Schedule collectors out there?

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